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Published Date: 05/09/2017
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It’s the first question I get when I meet a new rep Mama…. what do you use to edit your photos?  Well, believe it or not, all of my rep photo editing is done on my iPhone.  And today, I’m sharing my step by step editing process with you!

The key to great brand rep photos is making sure your image is as close to perfect as possible straight out of the camera.  This means you should be aware of your surroundings. Do not take a picture with something in the back with the mindset of “I’ll just photoshop that out”…. make things easy on yourself and make sure there is nothing that needs to be photoshopped out.  I’m not talking about the rude person who walked behind you or the boo boo on your child’s leg, or the tattoo you forgot to wash off… I’m talking about big ol’ items like cars, garbage cans, houses… things that will distract from the subject of your image.  First and foremost, the product you are representing and secondly, your adorable child.

Learn your camera! I was TERRIFIED of manual anything when it came to my camera, until someone was nice enough to sit down and explain the basics to me in non-photographer language (thanks Lindsay)… Once I learned how to set my ISO, aperture and shutter speed, I found that I was doing A LOT less editing.

Let me walk you through my typical editing session.  I take approx. 250 pictures of each outfit.  That may seem crazy, but I have my camera set on continuous shutter so that I can take 2-3 pictures very quickly in a row. That helps with a toddler that will not stand still for longer than 20 seconds.  I have an Eye-Fi memory card in my camera, so once I’m done with the session, I connect my iPhone to my memory card through the phone’s wi-fi and upload all of the images.  Then I sit down and go through each image through their app (it’s called Keenai) and delete any images that are blurry, don’t display the product well, or just don’t WOW me… You all know that Falynn has all kinds of personality, so I’m deleting a lot of tongue out, eyes shut, bootie in my face shots.  And what’s left is usually 20-30 images that I love that I would post on IG (but no, I don’t post them all). I post 3-4 of each outfit max (but I send all of my favorites to the shop)

For tutorial sake, I’ve chosen this image to show you how I edited this one image in approx. 1-2 minutes, just using my iPhone.

This is the image straight out of the camera.  My lighting was a little off, but it was getting dark and I was in a hurry to wrap up the session.  Normally, I would adjust my settings to get it much brighter.  Sometimes when she’s wearing something white, it’s better to go a little darker so that I don’t lose the product in the images (which has happened plenty of times).


Beanie: Logan M Styles, Tank: Beacon Threads, Cuff: Cuff Baby, Pants: 9TwentyFiveKids, Shoes: FabKids

Next, I upload my 20-30 favorites into my Lightroom App.   The app is really user friendly! I learned how to work with it in a couple of tries.  Once I have added my pictures, I click on the first image and then select “light” from the bottom. There is a nifty little button on the top of that menu that says “AUTO”… if you click that, usually lightroom will get that image pretty close to perfect for you.  There are times where I prefer a little brighter or a little less contrast, so I’ll play with those sliders until I love the brightness of the image.  The more you play around with it, the easier this will all get, I promise!  If you took all of your images in the same lighting, there is a shortcut to use.  See those three dots at the upper right hand corner? Once you have the photo lighting exactly how you like it, click on those three dots, select “Copy Settings” and then you can go onto your next picture by swiping left, click on the dots again, and select “Paste Settings.”


Once I’ve done that with all 20-30 pictures, I will save them all to my camera roll.  I’ll usually then delete the originals from my phone.  If you leave them there, it will be super confusing and you’ll use up all of your memory very quickly.  Next, I open my Snapseed App.  Then I select “open” at the top and choose my first photo.  I then click on the little circle with the pencil at the bottom right (that’s the edit button).


Beanie: Logan M Styles, Tank: Beacon Threads, Cuff: Cuff Baby, Pants: 9TwentyFiveKids, Shoes: FabKids

I scroll down to the “FACE” menu and select “enhance”. I should mention that I used to use the smooth tool on Facetune to do this step but it was very time consuming and if I wasn’t careful, her skin looked unnatural.  That’s why I love Snapseed.  It actually does the work for me.


When I click on Enhance, it brings up the following.  Face Spotlight is automatically selected for me because that’s what I use.  If you are a newbie, it may require you to select that option.  I then drag my finger to the right (you’ll see the blue bar at the top), until I get to +25.  That will make her face brighter and seems to smooth it out a little as well.


Beanie: Logan M Styles, Tank: Beacon Threads, Cuff: Cuff Baby, Pants: 9TwentyFiveKids, Shoes: FabKids

Next, I click on the check mark and go back to the edit menu.  I scroll up to the Tools menu and click on “Details”.  This is one of those tools that I found by accident and love the effect it has on my images.  I highly recommend playing around with all of the tools and finding what you love.  Photography is art and no one should tell you exactly how your photos should look (aside from the fact that you should make sure the color of the items you are photographing are true to life… that’s a must!)


Next, I slide my finger to the right and usually select +20 or +25 (depends on my picture). Again, something you can play around with.  I also occasionally will click on the little menu at the bottom center and select “Sharpen” and sharpen my image a bit.  Be careful with this one, too much sharpening will make your photo look over edited.  Once I’m done, I click on the check mark to save my changes.

If you find that the colors are a little off, you can use the “Tune Image” tool to fix it.  Usually I use “warmth” when my picture appears more on the blue side and that seems to fix it!  Another thing that you can play around with until you find the perfect fix.


Beanie: Logan M Styles, Tank: Beacon Threads, Cuff: Cuff Baby, Pants: 9TwentyFiveKids, Shoes: FabKids

And that’s it for my editing! I save my image (you can choose to save over the image or save a new image).  I choose to modify the one I am working on so that I have less to delete.  Snapseed will ask you if you will allow them to modify the image. I select Modify. And that’s it… then I do it all over again with the 2nd, 3rd….. 30th image.


My final image looks drastically different but not over edited.  If I have to edit out a boo boo or a bug or her dirty shoes (which I totally missed on this one)…  there is an incredible healing tool on Snapseed that is so easy to use!  All in all, it takes me about 1-2 minutes to edit each photo.   Hopefully this will speed up your process in some way.  I don’t expect everyone to edit exactly the same way, but I did want to show you how it is possible to edit quickly!

What do you think about editing? Is it something you love or something you dread?   Comment below and let me know your thoughts!  Have a topic you want me to talk about? Email us! Make sure to check out the shops featured in this post and follow our daily small shop fashion on Instagram @thesmallfashionista and on our new Facebook page.

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Beanie: Logan M Styles, Tank: Beacon Threads, Cuff: Cuff Baby, Pants: 9TwentyFiveKids, Shoes: FabKids

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  • Wow it has stunning features & you have explained it very well. For baby pics still I’m using Baby Story app.

  • This is very helpful! I can across your blog because I searched how to be a brand rep and this came up. I want to start my daughter in this, she is two and 1/2 but I have zero idea of how and what to do! I only use pictures I take on my I phone X and edit them with filters. I have photos of her in my account, but am realizing that I need to make her her own account, but I am nervous about doing this. Are these photo apps free or if not how much do they cost? Also is my I phone camera not enough? Should I purchase another camera? Will my go pro be good enough?

  • Omg this is my lifesaver I totally dread editing I have no idea how to do it, you mention layers to me and I’m done it’s just too much to absorb, but this is awesome thank you I will try it for myself ???

  • Thanks so much for sharing! I just recently discovered Snapseed and haven’t done much with it but this certainly gives me the incentive to try!

    • Thank you so much for reading! Snapseed is awesome! Let me know what you think once you’ve tried it out 🙂

  • [ Smiles ] Now, that is pretty impressive. You are doing a marvellous job of editing photos on your iPhone.

    I have to use a laptop computer with a photo editing program in order to do that sort of thing.

    Do keep up the good work!