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If you ask my 8-year-old, Falynn, to create a list of her favorite things, superheroes and school supplies would be at the very tippy-top of that list. So when we found out that one of our all-time favorite school supply brands, Yoobi, was launching the Yoobi x Marvel collection, I knew she was going to flip (and she did!)

It’s hard to miss Yoobi’s school supplies when you are walking through the Target school supply section. They are beyond adorable! We knew that this new collection wouldn’t disappoint, but we were not ready for the level of cuteness! They seriously outdid themselves. If your kids love Marvel, they are going to want this Yoobi x Marvel collection for the new school year. 

Yoobi x Marvel Collection

yoobi and marvel spiderman backpack

young girl holding two scissors from the yoobi Marvel collection

girl sitting at a table with her new spiderman lunchbox, bento box and water bottle

young girl holding a spiderman lunchbox and water bottle

Yoobi sent us three full boxes to check out. They included both the new Yoobi x Marvel collection and some of their tie-dye collection for my tween. As we unboxed each item, the excitement just got louder and louder. Even I was oohing and aahing — I couldn’t help it. I’ve always been a little obsessed with school supplies. 

When given the option, Falynn has always gravitated toward superheroes and away from princesses and ruffles. So when it was time to split up the Yoobi x Marvel products, she immediately claimed all of the Spiderman things for herself. 

She’s beyond excited to show her third-grade class everything that she got. From lunchboxes to pencil cases, she’s going to have the coolest supplies in the class, for sure!

girl holding a yoobi Marvel pencil case with spiderman

close up of the new yoobi marvel highlighter collection

girl writing in an activity book with a Hulk pen

child's hand completing an activity page with superhero pens nearby

I was personally most excited about the kawaii images of Spider-Man riding a unicorn, skateboarding, lounging on a flamingo float, dancing with a boombox, lying in a hammock, and hanging from “Amazing” balloon letters. Everything is seriously so cute.

Yoobi managed to take Spiderman and make him even cooler. 

The Yoobi x Marvel collection has everything! Binders, folders, highlighters, writing pencils, colored pencils, markers, lunch boxes, scissors, pencil cases, composition books, keychains, backpacks and so much more!

tween holding her new lunchbox, water bottle and bento box from the Yoobi Marvel collection

young girl with her new yoobi Marvel backpack

girl sitting on the driveway with her new spiderman backpack and lunchbox

New yoobi Marvel collection of school supplies laid out on a table

The Best Reason to Love Yoobi

For every Yoobi item purchased, they will donate a school supply item to a child in need right here in the U.S. Their vision is to one day provide all kids in need with the tools they need to learn and be creative.

Yoobi determined the most fundamental tools to support learning and creativity, and they identified which items teachers are most likely to buy for their classrooms out of their own pocket. They then made special Yoobi school supplies and boxed them up to create a Yoobi classroom pack.

Each Yoobi classroom pack is filled with 425 items, or 30 school supply sets – ENOUGH FOR 30 AMAZING STUDENTS.

Endless Summer Collection

yoobi tie dye backpack and lunch box

tween showing off her new tie dye school supplies

tween showing off her Yoobi tie dye school supplies and highlighters

close up shots of yoobi tie dye collection

And if Yoobi x Marvel isn’t your kid’s thing, make sure to also check out the Endless Summer collection! So many beautiful items that are perfect for tweens and teens! Our favorites are the holographic composition book and tie-dye everything!

I also really love the positive messages on the highlighters. They say things like “shine bright”, “you look so cool” and “look on the bright side.” 

If you love Yoobi as much as we do and want to help them give back while getting your kids the coolest school supplies around, you can shop at, Target, and Amazon

Which is your favorite part of the new Yoobi x Marvel collection? Comment below and let us know!


The Yoobi x Marvel collection is fun, functional and adorable. If your kids love superheroes, they are a must-have for back to school!
The Yoobi x Marvel collection is fun, functional and adorable. If your kids love superheroes, they are a must-have for back to school!
*This post is sponsored by Yoobi. All opinions are my own.    

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  1. My niece would love this Yoobi x Marvel collection for the new school year! She likes this shade of color too. She’ll like it for sure!

  2. I am totally loving the pieces above. Such adorable looks and will love these for my niece 🙂 She will go nuts for them.

  3. Such a perfect gift for growing kids. Enables lot of creativity too. The classroom pack is a very good deal.

  4. I can see how much she loves it! My son will love the spider man theme and it’s good to know that they give back to kids who are in need!

  5. These are really cute, I have to get school bag for son. I got it for daughter. Your little girl is really happy with that bags and lunch box.

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  7. Your little girls are enjoying all the stuff. Too, bad I dont have small kids so they can also check on these.

  8. I think any kid would love to wear these to school. They are so cute and perfect for showing off their favorite characters as well as personality.

  9. You’re right, it is cute. I love how this girlie stuff matches with the little hero. So inspiring and empowering!

  10. Oh my God it is super cute indeed! I like all the purple going on here, esp that tie die one!

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  13. These are so cute. I’ve always been a fan of superheros too, but when I was growing up all the superhero things were very much geared towards boys so it’s nice that it’s starting to change x

  14. Loving these items. I am sure my daughter will love these things as well, most especially the spiderman stuff.

  15. Those are all so cute! I love chibi artwork, and the bight colors of Marvel go so perfectly with it. These are so great for any child going back to school!

  16. Beautiful bags! I am sure every kid will like them. It’s also useful too because they can carry them back to school every weekday.

  17. My grandson is all about Spiderman! He will love all those Spiderman items! I will check them out and buy them for him. He will be so happy!

  18. What lovely products. Great timing too with parents starting to think about back to school – the adverts seem to get earlier each year! I love the Spiderman backpack.

  19. Oh wow, they seem to have a really lovely range of products. My girls would really love the tie-dye items they’d be perfect for their new year at school.

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  24. Oh my goodness! The Yoobi x Marvel collection is absolutely adorable. My daughter loves Spider-Man and the backpack and markers are perfect! Thanks for sharing.

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  26. I love when finding out that certain brands give back. Such a great program to help those who need it!

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  28. HOW CUTE! I already purchased my daughters’ first backpack though. We had to go with Baby Shark (she is 3) LOL.

  29. This collection looks awesome and just the sort of thing my daughter would love! The pencil cases and lunch box in particular look great.

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  32. OMG OMG OMG!! We are massive Marvel fans in our house. These are sublime! I wish my kids were younger as they would be having these for school and wouldn’t have a choice! Hahaha… Brilliant!