You Spice Up My Life Valentine’s Day Printable

heart shaped bowl filled with spicy valentine for kids
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Published Date: 01/19/2022
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Do you have any Takis lovers in your house?! My 9-year-old daughter loves snacks. When my husband or I take her to the store these days, she first grabs a bag of Takis. She LOVES them, which is crazy because I can’t do spicy (unless it’s cinnamon). Since we are creating a few printables for Valentine’s Day this year, we decided to make one around her favorite snack (perfect to give to her classmates). You spice up my life is perfect for the little spice lovers in your life!

This adorable printable features a little chili pepper with heart eyes drawn by my 16-year-old daughter, especially for this printable. All you have to do is print, punch a hole, add a ribbon bow, and tape to your favorite spicy snack.


spice up my life valentine

Before I share the printable and the step-by-step instructions on creating this “you spice up my life” valentine, let me share a little about what we used for ours.

While you don’t have to use Takis, we chose the 25 pack of individual mini bags of Takis. They are inexpensive and cost less than $.50 per valentine, which is a great price point, especially when you have more than 20 in your child’s class.

If you think Takis may be too spicy for the kids you are giving these to, a few other options I just thought of off of the top of my head are red hots or hot tamales. You can find either of these options for $1 per box. 

Another great option is to buy a bunch of packs of cinnamon gum. That can cost you somewhere around $.67 each. It’s also a very affordable option!

You can use any ribbon for your bow, but if you choose grosgrain ribbon as I did, I recommend burning the edges with a lighter to stop it from fraying.

How to Create You Spice Up My Life Valentine for Kids

what you'll need to make spice up my life Valentine

You’ll need:
You Spice Up My Life Printable
A spicy snack
Cardstock Paper
Scissors or Paper Cutter
Hole Punch

steps to make spice up my life Valentine
steps to make spice up my life Valentine


  1. Download our free You Spice Up My Life Printable, open it in Adobe Acrobat, and print on cardstock paper (you can also use regular printer paper if that’s all you have available).
  2. Cut out each card using a paper cutter or scissors (8 on each page).
  3. Punch one hole in each card.
  4. Cut a 4″ piece of ribbon.
  5. Pull one end of the ribbon through the hole and tie it into a knot to form a bow on each card.
  6. Use a piece of tape to tape your card to your spicy snack.

What do you think of our Valentine’s creation? If spicy is not for you, check out all of our Valentine’s posts.


You Spice Up My Life features a spicy snack, a card (we created the printable), and a ribbon. Perfect for your kid's classmates and friends.

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  • Taki lovers over here, lol. My kids are just like your daughter, they cannot get enough of it, and it is the first item they request when we are at the grocery store. They would love this. Cute valentine’s day creation.

  • Can you believe I’ve never tried Takis yet? I do like spice so I should really try them. Anyways these are adorable valentine’s cards for a spicy food. Thanks for the printables.

  • These valentines are super cute. My 16 year old loves spice (I’m the same as you — cinnamon is the spiciest that I will go). While he won’t give any valentine’s out this year (big cool teen), my 14 year old daughter totally would print these out and attach them to the packages of Takis.