You’re So Ex-Straw Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

You're so Ex-Straw valentine's day idea

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Extra. It’s a word I use on a daily basis when my girls have a meltdown about something that is not as serious as their adolescent minds have them believe. So when we saw these “You’re So Ex-Straw” Valentine’s Day cards from Minted, I knew they were PERFECT! Pair them with these adorable crazy twisty straws and you have the perfect gift for your kid’s classmates.

The unique crazy straw design features a straw illustration, a play on words and is printed on luxe paper, and comes in 5 different color options. These “You’re So Ex-Straw” Valentines are the perfect way for your kids to celebrate with their classmates! They have your child’s name printed on them so all you have to do is add the recipient’s name. They are cute enough to give out on their own, in the envelopes provided! At $20 for 25 cards, they are a price point that doesn’t break the bank.

Check out the full Valentine’s Day collection.

Minted cards for Valentine's Day

glass container filled with straws and valentine's day notes


Some things that I considered when choosing the straws:

  1. Plastic… it’s an understandably bad word these days. So I wanted to find straws that were recyclable and reusable.
  2. BPA and Phthalates FREE… another word we’ve heard more and more, over the years. Another important factor when I was shopping online for these crazy straws.
  3. Colors… I like the girls’ Valentine’s Day gifts to be fun, bright, and cheerful. I wanted bright colors that wouldn’t fade.
  4. Quality… No one wants a product that can be used once and then has to be thrown out (especially if it’s marketed as reusable).
  5. Non-Toxic.. that’s obvious, isn’t it? And I wanted them to be food-safe. Something you assume you are getting with kid-friendly products.

I was excited when I found everything I was looking for in crazy twisty straws! These crazy straws come in a pack of 12.

You're so Ex-Straw valentine's day idea

valentine's day card and envelope on top of straws

How to Create You’re So Ex-Straw Valentine’s Day Gifts

You’ll need:
Minted Cards
Crazy Twisty Straws
Hole Punch
Pen or Marker


  1. Order your crazy straw cards from Minted.
  2. Punch a hole in the top left-hand corner of each card and write the recipients’ names on each card.
  3. Place one end of the string into the hole and tie a bow around the straw to secure.

Looking for a fun and easy Valentine's Day gift for your child's classmates? Attach a You're So Ex-Straw card to a crazy straw and voila!

What do you think of our creation? And if you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day ideas, make sure to check them all out here!

*We were gifted these Valentine’s Day cards from Minted. 

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  2. I actually have all of the listed items at home, except for the cards but I can make that one myself, so I will get right on doing this for my husband and son as soon as the younger one falls asleep 🙂

  3. These are so stinking adorable! And perfect timing as my kids’ valentine’s parties are this week. Thank you!

  4. This is just lovely. Such an easy and inexpensive way to create a valentine’s card. And the colorful twisted straws would make each one look different. Great idea. Loved it.

  5. I love that so many people stopped with plastic straws it makes me so happy! i love that so many people are make small changes.

  6. I loved this idea. It’s not very expensive and looks cute. Handmade gifts are valuable as it expresses your emotion more beautifully.

  7. Super cute and adorable idea, and since we try to save the planet, love it even more because it will replace the non-reusable straws, great idea

  8. That is a really cute idea for a Valentine’s day gift. My sister will love to get some crazy straws to give to her patients on Valentine’s day. I will send her the link to your post.

  9. These straws and coordinating Valentine’s Day cards are the cutest! I love that the straws are safe and reusable. They are not only fun for kids, but creative & useful Valentine’s gifts for friends.

  10. We have stopped buying plastic straws for years now, so do appreciate that you have used a product that can be recycled. This is a great idea for Valentine’s Day party

  11. Saying ‘you’re so extra’ is usually a dig, so I don’t know if it’s a nice idea to give that out to friends lol!!! Maybe someone you’re frenemies with? 😀

    1. Post
  12. I absolutely love this! I saw it on FB earlier and was like OMG that’s brilliant. What a fun Valentine’s Card idea that kids can create on their own at home.

  13. I love this card idea for the kids. They love cute sayings like this. Can’t wait to surprise them with it.

  14. I love crazy straws! I would be over-the-moon happy to get one of these cards and I’m a grown up! My teens would love them too!

  15. What a wonderful and unique idea that every kid would love. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day too! Those straws are so fancy and colorful.

  16. Ooo I love this! My daughter still loves her “fancy” straws, so I’ll be sure to show her these.

  17. Seriously adorable. Even I love crazy straws., what a great idea and a fun one too for Valentine’s Day.

  18. These are a wonderful idea for classes come Valentine’s Day! How wonderful and as a kid… those types of straws are everything 🙂 Thank you for sharing and love this adorable Valentine’s Day tip and DIY craft idea!

  19. hahaha those are awesome!! I love the phrase “You’re so extra!” lol I might have to steal it and start using it.

  20. That is so cute! I’m always trying to find some non-candy gift I can give the 3-year-old’s classmates during the holiday parties.