You’ve Been Elfed Free Printable for Christmas

little girl in a santa dress holding a gift bag that says you've been elf'ed

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You may have heard us talk about how much we love putting together a bag full of Halloween goodies and dropping them off secretly at a friend or family member’s house. We thought it would be fun to carry this little tradition into Christmas this year. So instead of telling them “you’ve been booed,” we’ll be telling them “you’ve been elfed.”

Don’t tell them you’re coming or that you’ve been there. Just fill up a bag or basket with Christmas treats and leave a note attached letting them know that they’ve been elfed and what to do to keep the tradition going. You’ve been elfed is a pay-it-forward type of Christmas activity!

It’s a fun tradition that is sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces! 

Ideas for your you’ve been elfed bag

table full of Christmas candy


Who doesn’t love candy? Fill your bag or basket with lots of candy. Depending on the temperature in your city, you may want to skip the chocolate so that it doesn’t melt. Make sure the candy is individually wrapped so that it keeps the bugs and critters away!

Christmas Favors

Grab a bunch of fun Christmas toys or party favors and fill your you’ve been elfed bag or basket up. This is a great healthier option.

Baked Goods

Feeling creative? Bake some cookies, cupcakes, or brownies, wrap them up, and put them in a bag or basket. Make sure that they don’t need to be refrigerated right away, just in case the recipient isn’t home when you drop them off. You can also gift a baking kit or the items they need to bake!

hands making a Christmas craft

Craft Kits

If the kids in the home love to create things, why not fill the bag or basket up with a craft kit?! It will keep the kids entertained and they will have a finished project to display during Christmas!

Christmas Decor

Does the family love to decorate for Christmas? Why not get them a piece of decor that they can display every year? 

Christmas Apparel

Another great no-candy option is to get them some fun Christmas apparel! Make sure to double-check sizes before you buy!

popcorn and a santa stocking

Christmas Movie and Snacks

Who doesn’t love a movie night? Fill you’ve been elfed bag with a Christmas movie DVD, some popcorn, and movie snacks! 

Christmas Books

Why not fill up a basket or bag with Christmas books for the kids?! That’s a fun and educational option!

a little girl wearing a christmas outfit, holding a gift bag

Now that you have some ideas, are you ready to start putting together your baskets and bags? To make it a little easier, I’ve created a free printable for you to use!  Just download and print our free you’ve been elfed and we’ve been elfed printables! 

If you download our you’ve been elfed printable, take photos, and post it on social media, we’d love for you to tag @thesupermomlife!

Don’t forget to check out our other Christmas crafts and recipes. Have a fun and safe Christmas!

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Want to surprise your friends and family this Christmas? Download our free printable you've been elfed and attach it to a bag of goodies
Want to surprise your friends and family this Christmas? Download our free printable you've been elfed and attach it to a bag of goodies

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  1. I haven’t made any preparation for our Christmas party yet, and I’m pretty sure that these ideas of yours are awesome and very helpful. I’ll make some of these, and get some lollies and other goodies for the elfed bag.

  2. It’s so fun to give it with a DIY craft kit. I love doing things like that with my family, so it would be great to receive. Such a fun idea!

  3. You shared a lot of good ideas here for people who celebrate Christmas to have fun doing so.

  4. I just love this idea and all of the items listed make the perfect items to fill the basket with. Love this and will have to do this for my new neighbor 😉

  5. Thanks for this printable. It’s so perfect for my kids. Love making diy and have fun with my family!

  6. I have never heard of You’ve Been Elfed before but it sounds really cute! I think we should try doing them this year – thank you for sharing.

  7. Super cute. I love having fun gifts and game ideas like these to share with family and friends. Totally adorable printable.

  8. I absolutely love this! I know I’ve been getting into the holiday spirit by watching a lot of Christmas movies and eating Christmas cookies.

  9. What a cute idea! I can think of some people who would really appreciate a little something to brighten their day. Thanks for the ideas and the free printable!

  10. Oh how adorable! The printouts are so cute too…I love this idea. A great way to get into the holiday spirit!

  11. This is such a sweet idea, I love the idea of “elfing” someone – I think I know some fantastic people to do this too as well.

  12. This is really quite a cute idea I had not seen before. It would be very nice to get from a good friend and to give to a good friend too.

  13. “You’ve been elfed” is a cool Christmas idea to put smiles on peoples faces. It’s in line with the holiday spirit. I don’t see anyone who wouldn’t adapt this.

  14. LOVE this post and the free printable is very cost effective yet a fun way to get the Christmas theme in full flow x

  15. I love this idea so much!! I’ve never been “bood” but have always wanted to do this! I love that the concept can cross the seasons, too!

  16. Nnnnniiiiccceeeeeee….I’d so much love the Christmas Movie and Snacks elfing! Thanks for sharing about the holidays.

  17. That is such a lovely idea. I think my friends would all love to be Elfed. The items you suggested to be added to the bag would be well received.

  18. Wow! That was a really amazing and a lovely Idea! Thank you so much for creating this printable!

  19. I am always down for cute Christmas outfits, accessories, and of course watching a good festive movie. Will be lovely to have a Christmas outside of lockdown!

  20. Easy, creative, and funny ideas 🙂 Especially I would prefer craft kits 🙂 And the books will be more interesting for my little neighbors. Thanks for sharing it!

  21. I love this tradition! At work we play this among the employees, we draw names out of a hat and each person gets to be someone’s elf. Then, we secretly leave their gift at their desk, without them knowing who their elf is. It’s heartwarming and fun. I usually give out home-baked Christmas cookies.

  22. I’m loving this. I knew they did something like this for Halloween, but not Christmas. I’ll have to do this for a few of the neighbors.

  23. Nice ideas! Natalie will probably do this for some of her friends. I don’t think I like my neighbors enough to do this for them 😉

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