Our Annual Family Goals – Did We Crush 2019 and What Are Our 2020 Goals?

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Every year, we start our year by making a list of the ten things we want to do differently. We tell each other what those goals are and try to hold each other accountable. Last year, we shared these goals on the blog so that we could come back and see how many we accomplished, how many we are still working on and how many we gave up on and why. Yesterday, we went through the goals to see how we did and couldn’t wait to share it all with you. Plus, we are sharing our 2020 goals.


Mom Achieved 7/10

  1. Live fearlessly and not let anxiety stop me from living. NO (but still working on it)
  2. Grow as a person, recognize my faults and improve them. YES
  3. Challenge myself to grow professionally as a writer and photographer. YES (but will continue)
  4. Learn SEO. YES (thought I still have more to learn)
  5. Make time to read for fun. YES
  6. Find our forever home (build or buy). NOT YET
  7. Get healthy and stay healthy, both for myself and my family. YES
  8. Make new friends and invest time to grow the relationships that already exist. YES
  9. Travel a little farther out of my comfort zone. NO
  10. Make more “me” time. Do my hair, makeup and relax more. YES

Dad Achieved 5/10

  1. Spend more time with the family. YES
  2. Read more books. YES
  3. CENSORED *will share this one at a later date. NOT YET (but so close)
  4. Read the bible. YES
  5. Eat healthier. NO
  6. Finish all of the unfinished projects around the house. YES
  7. Take Mom out on more dates. NO
  8. Land the ideal job. NO
  9. Be more involved in the community and church. YES
  10. Take up a new hobby with my wife. NO

Lucia Achieved 3/10

  1. Do better in school and get all A’s. YES
  2. Improve my drawing. NO
  3. Be more organized. NO
  4. Spend more time with my sisters. NO
  5. Keep my room cleaner. NO
  6. Eat healthier. YES
  7. Exercise more. YES
  8. Get more sleep. NO
  9. Walk our dog more. NO
  10. Spend less time on my phone. NO

Iyla Achieved 5/10

  1. Be more organized. NO
  2. Read more books. YES
  3. Learn to speak Spanish. NO
  4. Get more work done at school. YES
  5. Be better at Social Studies. YES
  6. Travel more. YES
  7. Work on my coding skills. YES
  8. Help around the house more. NO
  9. Face my fear of windows. NO
  10. Get more rest at night. NO

Falynn Achieved 7/10

  1. Go on a field trip to Universal Studios. – NO
  2. Play with our new dog. – YES
  3. Play soccer outside. YES
  4. Play on the trampoline. YES
  5. Learn how to make planets. NO
  6. Learn how to draw animals that are hard for me. NO
  7. Have fun with my friends. YES
  8. Go to Jensen Beach. YES
  9. Do all of my homework. YES
  10. Have fun with my family. YES

We each had our obstacles and struggles but are looking forward to our new set of goals and a new mindset that we can accomplish anything we really put our minds too. Here are our 2020 goals!

Mom’s Goals

  1. Continue to push myself, even if I feel anxious.
  2. Read more for fun.
  3. Create a cookbook.
  4. Push my photography skills to a new level.
  5. Be more present.
  6. Exercise at least twice a week.
  7. Buy our forever home.
  8. Travel more.
  9. Save money.
  10. Eat healthier.

Dad’s Goals

  1. Go on more dates with my wife.
  2. Land my ideal job.
  3. *CENSORED (will share as soon as it happens).
  4. Find our forever home.
  5. Get my kids to clean more.
  6. Lose 40 lbs.
  7. Be healthier.
  8. Meet 50 new people.
  9. Learn more bible verses.
  10. Play more with the kids.

14 Year Old Lucia’s Goals

  1. Be happier.
  2. Take better care of my dog.
  3. Tell my dog she’s pretty everyday for a whole year.
  4. Get more sleep.
  5. Find some good friends.
  6. Stay awake for New Years.
  7. Pass Geometry.
  8. Go on the Polar Express.
  9. Get my learners permit.
  10. Get a job.

10 Year Old Iyla’s Goals

  1. Read even more.
  2. Work on coding.
  3. Get better at baseball.
  4. Get better at skateboarding.
  5. Have bigger feet.
  6. Take more showers.
  7. Brush my teeth regularly.
  8. Keep my room clean.
  9. Get through the first year of middle school.
  10. Travel to North Carolina or New York.

7 Year Old Falynn’s Goals

  1. Get better at basketball.
  2. Draw better.
  3. Eat healthier.
  4. Take a shower more.
  5. Remember to brush my teeth.
  6. Get better at skateboarding.
  7. Keeping my room clean (Mom is forcing this one on me).
  8. Spend more time with family.
  9. Play with my dog more.
  10. Go to Sea World.

What are your goals this year? Do you believe that they are realistic and achievable? Have you ever written them down and looked back at the end of the year to see what you accomplished? Comment below and let us know.

Every year we share our family's goals for the year. This year, we're sharing how many we accomplished as well as our goals for 2020.

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  2. Great idea, will be trying this with my kids. I love the fact that the family dog is part of their plan as well.

  3. Wow! Great minds. I have kinda similar notes on my Evernote. They are very great to read at the end of the year because they help you motivate to do more, and it’s a win-win feeling to actually rememner your achievement no matter how small.

  4. Excited you were able to make time for family and visit Jensen Beach. You’ll need to visit the other places this year.

  5. I love that you make family goals! It is such a great idea and good to share on your blog for accountability!!

  6. I love this! What a good idea to write out goals for the whole family to look back on. We may have to do this! Great job on all your goals and ones in progress!!

  7. I love this! Definitely want to do this with my kids when they’re older. My only goal for this year is BALANCE. I’ve got to find it somehow.

  8. I love that the whole family got in on the resolutions! Even 1 acheived is a great goal. Awesome job!

  9. This is amazing.

    It is something I’d love to discuss with my wife. This is my first time coming here and I am glued already.

    Reading is part of my goal for this year. I believe reading is very powerful, someone can become a mini-expert on a topic if he/she just read 3 books on that topic. And they can become an expert if they read like 100 books and implement the teachings in the books.

    It is all my personal opinions from my experience.

    Please keep up the good work on this site.
    Much Love.

  10. Those are some pretty solid goals. Hope you’re able to accomplish all or if not, most of them! You got this! Get it!

  11. Mom and Falynn nailed it! Kudos to the whole family! I would like to do the same practice this year.

  12. I love that you reflected on your entire family’s goals as well as shared the goals that they’ve set for the year too. I feel like it will encourage everyone to reach their goals throughout the year.

  13. Glad to learn you have met most of your 2019 goals and setting new goals for 2020. These goals have given me some inspiration and I hope to follow your footsteps, well, at least some of them

  14. What a great satisfaction to have a great year. Congratulations to you and your family fo reaching your goals. It takes a lot of discipline. I’m praying and feel confident that this year I will reach my goals.

  15. Your family is SO put together mama to have all these goals written, planned, tracked. I’m so impressed. Dad has some work to do!

  16. You really had a great year. Kuddos to you on achieving so many of your goals. I pray that this year you will get all your goals.

  17. Congratulations to moms for achieving the most number of goals. Just like you, I also plan to write a book (not a cookbook) as well as hope to eat healthier and more exercise.

    I think writing your goals as a family is a wonderful idea.

  18. I am glad you were able to list down your goals and make a self-assessment of whether you achieved them or not. I will copy this idea and check back on my goals at the end of the year.

  19. These goals are interesting and cute. It’s cute since all the family members are participating. What a wonderful family.

  20. Well done on achieving some of your 2019 goals, I managed about half too. I am writing my 2020 post today 🙂

  21. I absolutely love that dad’s first goal is to go on more dates with his wife <3. The sweetest family ever!

  22. This is a great idea to set goals like this. Looks like you did accomplish some of them. I need to do this for the new year along with my daughters. I love this.

  23. This is wonderful!!! Omg how motivational! I’m so happy for those goals they did achieve and its so nice to measure your goals and see how well you’re all doing!

  24. I loved seeing the goals you shared. Whether you achieved them all or not is besides point. The fact that you and your family are challenging each other is commendable and I know you all will rock your individual goals for 2020!

  25. I made some goals this year too, and read for fun is one of them, but I hardly find time to read these days. I will try and see how much I can read. Thanks for sharing your goals. It is inspiring.

    1. Post

      I didn’t think I had time either, but then I took my TV out of my bedroom and read a couple of chapters before bed, instead of watching tv. It’s all about changing up your routine.

  26. You all have some great goals! I love that you actually kept track of last years to see if you completed them.