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With everything going on in our country, the one thing we can agree on is that we could all use more laughter. When I scroll social media, instead of people sharing rumors and horrible news stories, I’d prefer to see memes that are ridiculous, silly, and just plain funny.

Smitten with Bernie’s Mittens

Bernie showed up at the inauguration ready for the cold, wearing handmade mittens and the internet did not disappoint. Everywhere I go, I see Bernie and his mittens and I’m here for it.

Just when you think Bernie has been photoshopped into everything you can think of, another one pops up. Genius.

I’ve been collecting my favorite photoshopped images of Bernie so that I can share with you.

**I don’t have the original creator for a number of these, so if you know who made it, please let me know so that I can give them credit and link to their social media.

Bernie and his mittens sitting on a sparkly chair purse.
Bernie and his mittens in a popular piece of art.
Bernie and his mittens sitting next to Carl from UP!
Bernie and his mittens in the backseat of the car from Ferris Buellers Day Off.
Bernie and his mittens on a Janet Jackson album cover. Best part? She is the one that tweeted this.
Bernie and his mittens in E.T.’s basket.
Bernie and his mittens waiting for the bus with Forrest Gump.
Bernie and his mittens on The Big Bang Theory.
Bernie and his mittens on one of those rides where people pass out frequently.
Bernie and his mittens being carried away by the UP balloons.
Bernie and his mittens inside of a fold up chair. Whoever created this deserves an award!
Ok… not sure who this is. I’m sorry. A band? A movie?
Photo credit:
Photo credit:
Photo credit:
Photo credit: @madhattercreationsny
Bernie and his mittens and the cast of Friends.
Bernie and his mittens doing Gangnam Style with Psy.
Credit: @ayetl_hoe
Bernie and his mittens in Bird Box. His mask should be over his eyes, shouldn’t it?
In a field of flowers with Robert Pattinson.
Me too Bernie. Me too.
I may or may not have sung this one.
Bernie in mittens riding a very angry horse.
This is pure awesome.
Couldn’t help but laugh at this one.
Did you get it?
I feel like this one should be framed and hung up over someone’s couch.
The most popular selfie in the world, now even more popular because Bernie is in it!
He’s even leaning. I can’t.
I hope she chooses bachelor #1!
This guy is incredibly strong!
The circle of lifeeeeeeeee.
Now that’s talent!

I hope that I was able to bring some laughs into an otherwise mundane, hectic, or groundhog day, type of a day.

Know anyone that needs a laugh? Please share! Don’t forget to check out the funniest quarantine memes.

What has been the best Bernie in Mittens photo you’ve seen? Comment below and share! I’ll add my favorites.


A collection of the best Bernie in mittens photos that I came across. Need a laugh? Check these out.
A collection of the best Bernie in mittens photos that I came across. Need a laugh? Check these out.

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  1. These are hilarious! I love the fact that he created a sweatshirt about this and gave the profits to charity!

  2. Just can’t imagine how people are still going crazy with Bernie in mittens. It’s really funny and the edits are smart. My teens also laugh at this memes. I had great time laughing with these thank you.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed the Bernie memes! I love the fact that he sold sweatshirts with his iconic photo and donated the proceeds to charity!

  4. This is funny and hilarious. I was laughing at the pictures, must be a fun character. I have heard of the memes but never watched in so details.

  5. These memes are so funny! I wonder if Bernie had any idea when he left home that morning that we would all be talking about him weeks later.

  6. Bernie in the back seat is hilarious! I saw one of a friend’s baby dressed up as Bernie. I have laughed all week.

  7. All the Bernie Memes had me laughing out loud as soon as they started getting posted! You found some really good ones I missed. This is the kind of positivity we need these days!

  8. All these Bernie memes have been cracking me up! I hadn’t seen the Bob Ross one before – too funny!

  9. OMG! These memes of him are so funny! I don’t remember but I think some of them I’ve already seen on social media LOL

  10. It is an amazing collection of Bernie. It amazes me that people made so many great photoshopped images.

  11. These all make me laugh SO hard lol!! Just what the world needed, a good laugh to lighten the mood.

  12. I have been so thoroughly entertained by the Bernie memes floating around the internet. They’re comedy gold.

  13. This is hilarious I have seen a few but they never get old. I still like him and he must get a kick out of being the latest sensation.