The Best Chocolate Milkshake Ever

the best chocolate milkshake ever

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Do you love chocolate? Do you love ice cream? Do you love milkshakes? If you answered yes to these questions, then you have to try this recipe asap! It’s the best chocolate milkshake ever and it may just bring all the boys to the yard.

A good chocolate milkshake is super chocolatey, thick, and creamy. The great part about this recipe is that you can tailor it to your own likes. Like it on the thick side? Add less milk (or more ice cream). Do you prefer that you can drink it through a straw? Leave your ice cream out for a bit before you’re ready or add more milk. 

No matter how you make it, there will be no shortage of chocolate flavor in this chocolate milkshake. I’m even going to show you how to level up your milkshake with two extra ingredients!

chocolate milkshake with two straws

close up of sprinkles and whipped cream

Before I share our chocolate milkshake recipe, let me share a few tips.

It’s super important for you to use whole milk ice cream and whole milk chocolate milk. While we tend to want to watch our calories if you’re going to splurge on a milkshake, go all the way!

Always put the chocolate milk in the blender before the ice cream. This will help it all blend together quicker. 

If you decide to level up your milkshake, you’ll want to spread hazelnut spread or chocolate frosting on the top, outside of the glass, and roll it in sprinkles. It’s a super easy trick that makes your chocolate milkshake look super fancy!

Freeze your glasses at least an hour before you are ready to make your chocolate milkshakes. This will help them to not melt as quickly as they would in a room-temperature glass.

chocolate milkshake topped with whipped cream

the best chocolate milkshake ever

Why chocolate milk?

While you can use regular milk, using chocolate milk gives it even more chocolate flavor. And if you’re going to drink a chocolate milkshake, you want to make sure it’s as chocolatey as it can be!

How big is a scoop?

A scoop is usually around 1/2 cup, so you will be using approximately 2 1/2 cups of ice cream for this chocolate milkshake. 

Do I have to share this chocolate milkshake?

Our recipe makes two decent-sized glasses. But if you don’t want to share with anyone, we won’t tell.

ice cream, chocolate milk and chocolate syrup in a blender

steps to make the best chocolate milk shake ever

I’ve tried to show the steps in the photos above for you, to make it a bit easier to make the best chocolate milkshake ever.

Step 1: Spread either hazelnut spread or chocolate frosting around the rim of your frozen glass. 

Step 2: Roll the top of the glass in sprinkles until it’s covered.

Step 3: Make your milkshake using the steps in the recipe below. Pour it into your glass, leaving just enough room at the top for the whipped cream.

Step 4: Add whipped cream (and any desired toppings) and enjoy!

pouring hot fudge on whipped cream

a bunch of chocolate sprinkles and a half of a milkshake

The best chocolate milkshake ever

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pouring hot fudge on whipped cream

The Best Chocolate Milkshake Ever

  • Author: Heather l The Super Mom Life
  • Yield: 2 1x


All you need are three ingredients and a blender to make the best chocolate milkshake ever. It’s super chocolatey and extra delicious!


  • 1 cup chocolate milk
  • 5 scoops of chocolate ice cream
  • 3 tbsp chocolate syrup
  • whipped cream
  • toppings (optional)


  • Add chocolate milk, ice cream, and chocolate syrup to your blender and blend for 1 minute. Start off at a low speed and gradually work your way up to high.


To keep your milkshake cold longer, freeze your glass about an hour before you’re ready to make your chocolate milkshake. If you want to level up your milkshake, spread hazelnut spread, peanut butter, or frosting on the top outside rim, and then roll in chocolate sprinkles.

If you try the best chocolate milkshake ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts. If you take a picture or share it on social media, don’t forget to tag us! Don’t forget to check out all of our family-friendly recipes


All you need are three ingredients and a blender to make the best chocolate milkshake ever. It's super chocolatey and extra delicious!
All you need are three ingredients and a blender to make the best chocolate milkshake ever. It's super chocolatey and extra delicious!

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