Dad Questionnaire Printable for Father’s Day

dad questionnaire printable for Father's Day
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Published Date: 06/14/2021
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Is there anything cuter than those little questionnaire pages that the school gives our children to bring home? When my girls were smaller, they were my absolute favorite. Since Father’s Day falls in the Summer, I figured I would create a Dad questionnaire for you to print out at home!

This adorable, printable Dad questionnaire has a place for them to color and draw their Dad’s face and hair. Then, have them (or you, if they are too little) fill in the blanks in their own words.

Have them answer questions like:

  • What is Dad’s favorite food?
  • How old is Dad?
  • When is Dad funny?
  • What is his favorite color?
  • What are three words to describe him?

They can use crayons, markers, colored pencils, or watercolors if you’re feeling extra brave! Don’t worry if they make a mistake. You can print out another one!

dad questionnaire free printable for Father's Day
dad questionnaire free printable for Father's Day

The best part about this Dad questionnaire is that it’s a downloadable file, so you can print off as many as you need. You can even print them off yearly and watch your children’s creativity, and answers change.

Dad will love this special keepsake. Give it to him as is, put it in a letter-sized frame, and wrap it up for Dad to put it at the office or somewhere in your home. Don’t forget to add the year to it so you can look back at it for years.

No matter how you decide to give this printable to Dad, he is guaranteed to love it! Hopefully, if your kids are anything like mine, they will come up with funny answers that will make Dad giggle.

Once you have finished your Dad questionnaire, if you post a photo on social media, we’d love for you to tag @thesupermomlife and encourage others to join in the fun!

Printable Dad Questionnaire

This Dad Questionnaire is easy to download. Just click printable Dad questionnaire.

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This Dad questionnaire is perfect for the kids to color and fill out for Father's Day. Just download and print. It makes a great gift.

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  • The printable is a lovely idea for those with children. I think my son would probably enjoy filling it in and colouring it too.

  • What a fun looking printable to have ready for Father’s Day! I can’t believe it is only days away now!

  • This is the cutest! I can see kids have fun filling this out. I might have to get one for my kids. They are older, but I think they’d still be amused.

  • This is so cute. I love this idea, especially the drawing a coloring in of the dad to personalize each one.

  • What a cute idea for Father’s Day! I’m sure many children will love giving this up their dad.

  • This is such a cute printable! My daughter did a similar one at school when she was in first grade, and some of her answers are hilarious (I think she said her dad’s favorite thing to do was yell at the television). These make such a great keepsake for a memory box.