Keeping the House Smelling Good Throughout the Summer

girl sitting on a chair in her living room
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Published Date: 06/24/2020
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Summertime in our house means running through the sprinklers, playing with our dog, playing volleyball and soccer, hanging out in the treehouse and jumping on the trampoline. Sounds like fun, right?! But what isn’t fun is the funky smell that they bring into the house when they’ve been running around outdoors all day long. Thankfully no matter which room they’re in and no matter what smell they bring in, Febreze Plug Refills have us covered.

Now you can enjoy 1200 hours of smelly-good days in 5 rooms of your home with the Febreze Plug Refills 5-Pack from Sam’s Club (while supplies last!)

5 pack of febreze plug-ins from sams club

febreze plug-in out of the package

febreze plug-in inside of the warmer

We have the Febreze Plug Refills in linen & sky scent in our living room and downstairs bathroom right now and the fresh scent makes the rooms smell so clean! We use the Mediterranean Lavender scent in the bathrooms and the hallways too. It’s nice to know that we don’t have to worry about it. Just take off the caps, insert into the warmer and plug it in – Febreze does the rest!

What I love most about Febreze Plugs is that they have two alternating scent chambers for noticeably long-lasting freshness. Febreze doesn’t just mask the stink, it truly cleans away odors. And when you have three kids, a puppy and a husband running in and out of the house all day, that’s a must-have! Others fade fast, but Febreze lasts 1200 hours* per plug.

girl and her dog sitting on a rug

girl sitting on a chair in her living room

Febreze Plug 5-Pack Refills – Buy Now

I’ve found myself walking into the room and commenting on how good it smells. It just doesn’t get old. I love it! Febreze Plug 5-Pack Refills are in-club and online now while supplies last! Grab yours for only $14.98 before they’re gone.

What type of activities do you have planned for your family this Summer? Comment below and let us know!

With three kids, a dog and a husband, it's not always easy keeping our house smelling good in the Summer. Until now.


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  • I really think it is even more important now to have a great smelling home with so many of us still on lockdown. I use a competitor’s product but I will definitely consider trying Febreeze. Thanks for sharing.

  • I have never tried these but I like the way they sound! It would be great to have your house smelling fresh and clean all the time

  • I love Febreeze scents! Sounds like a lovely way of keeping the house smelling good even with lots of people home.

  • I do always have Febreeze on hand as it does help to keep a home smelling good. I think I am getting ready to be a Scentsy consultant as I do believe in a good smelling home and their tarts and wax melts are amazing. I am going to have to grab a few Febreeze plug ins too so thank you for sharing.

  • I love the sense of recently mop floors. So, I love to have plugins in my home to keep that smell all the time. And Febreze hav the best smells.