Healthier Oven-Baked Meatballs

plate of spaghetti with sauce and meatballs

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As part of our new healthier for you recipe series, I am excited to share our healthier oven-baked meatballs. These are great on pasta, zucchini noodles, or even just on a plate topped with our slow cooker pasta sauce and a side of veggies. 

We took our favorite meatball recipe and our friend Rachel transformed it into a healthier version. Rachel is a NASM certified personal trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and boot camp instructor in Boca Raton, FL. She is the proud owner of FAITH, WEIGHTS, PROTEIN SHAKES LLC, an online training and nutrition company. 

By changing the type of meat used, choosing reduced-fat Parmesan cheese, and making a breadcrumb substitution, you can cut 100 calories, 4 carbs, and more than 10g of fat per serving. They taste so good, you won’t even miss the extra fat and calories.

bowl of oven-baked meatballs

bowl of oven-baked meatballs

healthier oven-baked meatballs in a bowl next to spaghetti

There are a couple of kitchen tools that you’ll need to make these healthier oven-baked meatballs.

First, a cookie scoop. Even though technically, it’s used to make cookies (which I do pretty regularly), it helps to make the meatballs the same size. 

Next, you’ll need a wire or cooling rack. While there isn’t a ton of oil or grease in these meats, baking them on a wire rack will allow any additional oil to drip on top of the aluminum foil instead of the meatballs sitting in it.  Make sure that your wire rack fits on your baking sheet and that it’s oven safe (no plastic).

plate of spaghetti with sauce and meatballs

plate of spaghetti with sauce and meatballs

a meatball covered in sauce on a fork

I use dry, ground seasoning for my oven-baked meatballs, but if you want to use fresh spices, it can only take the flavor up a notch! I love to sprinkle fresh basil on top as well. If you don’t have fresh available, I recently found a lightly dried option which is great too!

The secret to these meatballs is the breadcrumb replacement that you’re making. Using oat flour and a variety of spices is the perfect substitute. You won’t be able to tell the difference. 

For the best results, you’ll want to place them inside a skillet (or if you’re using my slow cooker pasta sauce, inside the slow cooker), right after removing them from the oven. This will give them an opportunity to soak in the sauce. 

Since this recipe yields about 40-45 meatballs, you’ll have plenty of leftover!

steps to make healthier oven-baked meatballs

The steps in the photos above, show exactly how I make my healthier oven-baked meatballs.

Step 1: Place all ingredients into a large bowl.

Step 2: Mix all ingredients in step one together until fully combined.

Step 3: With a small scoop, scoop up the mixture and roll it into balls.

Step 4: Place meatballs on a foil-lined baking sheet with a wire rack on top.

Now that you know a little bit about these healthier oven-baked meatballs, I’m excited to share our recipe.

Healthier Oven-Baked Meatballs

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bowl of oven-baked meatballs

Healthier Oven-Baked Meatballs

  • Author: Heather l The Super Mom Life
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 40-45 meatballs 1x


These healthier oven-baked meatballs are so good, you won’t miss the extra calories or fat. Only 258 calories per 5 meatball serving.


  • 1lb turkey Italian sausage
  • 1lb lean ground turkey
  • ½ cup onion
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 cup oat flour
  • ½ cup reduced-fat parmesan cheese
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 ½ tsp each parsley and salt
  • 1 ¼ tsp each basil and oregano
  • ½ tsp each ground black pepper and garlic powder
  • ¼ tsp onion powder


  • Preheat oven to 375°.
  • Line a large cookie sheet with heavy-duty aluminum foil and place a wire rack on top.
  • Place all ingredients into a large bowl and mix until fully combined.
  • Using a small scoop, form into round meatballs and place on top of the wire rack.
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes. Internal temp should be 160F.
  • For best results, transfer to slow cooker pasta sauce, toss and allow to soak for 15-20 minutes.
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 25 minutes


  • Serving Size: 5 meatballs
  • Calories: 258
  • Fat: 13.6g
  • Carbohydrates: 10g
  • Protein: 24.4g

If you’re looking for a healthier pasta option, Rachel recommends Barilla ProteinPLUS Multigrain Spaghetti. I’ve had it a few times now and my family really loves it. It doesn’t taste any different than regular pasta, it’s just 100% Plant-based protein and non-GMO, so it’s a better, healthier option.

If you make these healthier oven-baked meatballs, we’d love to hear your thoughts. If you post it on social media, we’d love for you to tag @thesupermomlife! Don’t forget to check out all of our family-friendly recipes.



These healthier oven-baked meatballs are so good, you won't miss the extra calories or fat. Only 258 calories per 5 meatball serving.
These healthier oven-baked meatballs are so good, you won't miss the extra calories or fat. Only 258 calories per 5 meatball serving.











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