LEGOLAND Florida Hotel Restaurants

LEGOLAND Florida restaurant reviews

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Next time you stay at the LEGOLAND Florida hotel, you’ll find that there are a few restaurants inside the hotel. We’ve eaten at all three of them multiple times and wanted to share our favorites, as well as our honest opinion of each and what you should be prepared for. Since we recently shared our favorite LEGOLAND Florida park food must-haves, we are excited to share more about the LEGOLAND Florida hotel restaurants.

Bricks Family Restaurant

family style breakfast at Bricks Family Restaurant


Bricks Family Restaurant is located in the main lobby of the LEGOLAND Florida hotel. Since breakfast is complimentary, you’ll want to make sure that you stop in before you head over to the park. We’ve found that it’s much less busy earlier in the morning. Around 8:30-9, it starts to get crowded so you will likely have to wait in line for 10-20 minutes.

Bricks breakfast is served family-style at your table! It’s all you can eat and features hot traditional breakfast items such as eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, potatoes, and french toast or waffles. They all offer fresh fruit, cereal, and muffins, as well as coffee, tea, and/or juice. They also have vegan and vegetarian options.

Bricks Family Restaurant and Shipwreck serve the same breakfast, so if one is busy, we recommend walking over to the other to see which has a shorter line. Make sure that your entire party is with you as they will not seat you until they are.


A little bit of everything awaits you at this all-you-can-eat spot, featuring a kid-sized buffet with all their faves! And did someone say ice cream? Bricks is first come, first served which we find convenient for those times that we forget to make reservations. They are open until 8pm, so you can head over and eat after LEGOLAND park closes. Dinner is also all you can eat, but in buffet style. They have lots of options to choose from, so everyone in our family is always able to find something they love.

Skyline Lounge

fried shrimp and fried pickles from Skyline Lounge in LEGOLAND Florida
new york strip and baked potato from Skyline Lounge a LEGOLAND Florida restaurant
chicken tenders and fries from Skyline Lounge
burger and fries from Skyline Lounge at LEGOLAND Florida restaurant

Appetizers and Entrees

Before our most recent trip to LEGOLAND Florida, we had never eaten at Skyline Lounge, aside from that one time we ordered fried Oreos to bring up to the room. After eating there for dinner, we are HUGE fans of Skyline Lounge!

Skyline Lounge serves traditional American food during lunch and dinner. They also have a full bar and LEGO-themed play area. It’s quite possibly our new favorite. Skyline opens at noon daily and offers an a la carte menu. For dinner, a reservation is required, so make sure that you make those reservations as soon as you book your room!

Unlike the other two LEGOLAND Florida restaurants, Skyline Lounge is not all you can eat. Honestly, though, you can see in our photos that they give you a very decent-sized portion (even the kids’ meals). Plus, if you add on an appetizer and a dessert, you will leave very satisfied.

We tried the honey tempura shrimp and fried pickles as our appetizers. They were incredibly delicious and gone almost as quickly as they arrived at the table. Our entrees were just as good. I had the NY strip steak which came with a huge baked potato and asparagus.

While I didn’t personally taste all of the entrees that the rest of my family ordered, I could tell by the empty plates that everything was great. Somehow we managed to have enough room for dessert.

fried oreos served at Skyline Lounge a LEGOLAND Florida restaurant
brickbeards treasure dessert at Skyline lounge


We ordered both dessert options to share at our table. I tried them both. I honestly couldn’t choose a favorite. They were both incredibly delicious! If you are able to, we highly recommend stopping by Skyline Lounge.

Shipwreck Restaurant

breakfast skillet at Shipwreck, a LEGOLAND restaurant
breakfast skillet at Shipwreck Restaurant


Indulge, ye lads and lasses, in the breakfast feast our pirate galley has prepared fer ye. Morning bounty for all, with all the classics, plus more!

Like Bricks, Shipwreck Restaurant’s breakfast is served family-style at your table! It’s all you can eat and features hot traditional breakfast items such as eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, potatoes, and french toast or waffles. They all offer fresh fruit, cereal, and muffins, as well as coffee, tea, and/or juice. They also have vegan and vegetarian options.

Shipwreck also offers two personal skillet options which are also all you can eat. I ordered the florentine skillet which was delicious. It features scrambled eggs, potatoes, mushrooms, spinach and a creamy beshamel sauce.

A little secret that we found out was that you can ask for nutella and they will bring out little individual packages. This is perfect to dip your french toast sticks in or to spread on your pancakes.

salad from Shipwreck
hot rolls with a knife in the center
skillet from Shipwreck a LEGOLAND Florida restaurant
side dishes at Shipwreck


Shipwreck offers a 3-course family style feast, starting with salad and warm rolls. The salad is fresh and so deliciuos, we often have to ask for two. It’s mixed green salad with toasted almonds, dried cranberries, fresh tomatoes, fresh apples, red onions, asiago cheese and homemade poppy seed dressing. You can always ask them to make the salad without any ingredients that you aren’t a fan of.

Next, you choose from one of two family sized platters. First, the pirate platter which features beef brisket, pulled pork, spare ribs, rotisserie chicken and smoked sausage. It’s also served with a side of baked beans, mashed potatoes, green beans and macaroni and cheese. Next, the seadog skillet, which features flank steak, pork tenderloin, blackened fish, sauteed shrimp and rotisserie chicken. It’s also served with wild rice pilaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and macaroni and cheese. Shipwreck also offers vegetarian and vegan options!

We often switch off between the two platters when we visit LEGOLAND because we love them both. You can also order a second platter if you are still hungry. They will give you to-go containers for anything you aren’t able to eat! We always take it back to the room and eat it as a late night snack or lunch the following day.

pirates captain delight dessert at Shipwreck


Once you’ve finished your main meal, make sure you ask for the pirate captain’s delight. It’s the final course and a must-try! It’s a warm chocolate chip cookie served with vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce and heath bar pieces. It’s big enough to share and our family never leaves any of it behind.

Now that you’ve heard our LEGOLAND restaurant reviews, tell us which of these restaurants you are most excited about, in the comments below.


There are three LEGOLAND Florida hotel restaurants. Here is our honest opinion of each one and what you should be prepared for when you go.
There are three LEGOLAND Florida hotel restaurants. Here is our honest opinion of each one and what you should be prepared for when you go.

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