LEGOLAND Florida Park Food Must-Haves

LEGOLAND Florida park food favorites
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Published Date: 04/22/2022
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Next time you head to LEGOLAND Florida, you’ll find that there are food options just about everywhere you look. We’ve tried a number of different options from meals to drinks and we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites, especially for you. We’ll continue updating this post each time we go and try new foods. Here are some of our favorite LEGOLAND Florida park food options.

#1 – Smoked Turkey Leg at Dragon’s Den

legoland florida smoked turkey leg from Dragon's Den

If you’re in need of some quick, serious protein, this smoked turkey leg from Dragon’s Den at LEGOLAND Florida is a must! What we love most (besides its smoky good flavor), is that it’s so big, we were able to split it amongst all of us.

Located just outside the iconic rollercoaster in LEGO® Kingdoms, the menu at Dragon’s Den is serving locally brewed craft beer, smoked turkey legs, bratwurst sausages, and honey-battered mini corn dogs.

#2 – Loaded Tater Tots at Dragon’s Den

loaded tater tots from Dragon's Den

While you’re at Dragon’s Den, make sure to pick up their new loaded tater tots. Typically they are topped with jalapeños (but my kids asked for theirs without the spice). This is the perfect portion for one (though it’s definitely shareable). It’s everything you would want from loaded tater tots – chili-type meat, cheese, and crispy tots. Don’t forget to grab a fork as these are messy!

#3 – Granny’s Apple Fries

Granny's apple fries at Legoland Florida

Granny’s apple fries are a MUST when you visit LEGOLAND Florida! Located right in front of the carousel, you’ll find the cutest little stand serving up fried apples dusted with cinnamon and sugar with your choice of whipped cream, caramel sauce, and/or soft-serve ice cream. We never leave the park without getting a few orders of apple fries. We love them so much, they made our list of 5 favorite things at LEGOLAND.

#4 – Veggie Pizza at Pepper & Roni’s Pizza Stop

mushroom pizza in a box

Are you wanting a quick grab-n-go option? Pepper & Roni’s Pizza provides options including personal-sized cheese, pepperoni, and veggie pizzas that will hit the spot! Here’s a little secret that we discovered on our last trip to LEGOLAND Florida. You can special order personal pizza. So, we ordered a mushroom pizza. It does take a bit longer for a custom personal pizza, but it’s 100% worth it. It’s a perfect size, made fresh, and was so delicious!

#5 – Funnel Cake at Funnel Cake Factory

three girls sitting in front of funnel cake factory, eating a funnel cake

Calling all race car drivers! Pull on into this pit stop that offers freshly made-to-order funnel cakes with toppings including fresh fruit, powdered sugar, and soft-serve ice cream. It’s always a good time for a funnel cake. One of our favorite places to stop after we ride The Great LEGO Race roller coaster is Funnel Cake Factory.

#6 – Slushies at Firehouse Ice Cream

two hands holding slushies

If you visit LEGOLAND Florida in the hotter months, you have to find a way to stay cool. The girls were begging us for slushies from the moment we walked through the gates. They absolutely loved the ones at Firehouse Ice Cream, located near Driving School. Satisfy your sweet tooth and quench your thirst at Firehouse Ice Cream! They have hand-dipped ice cream, floats, sundaes and so much more.

Now that you’ve heard some of our favorite LEGOLAND park food options, tell us what some of your favorites are in the comments below.


There are food options just about everywhere you look in LEGOLAND Florida. Here are some of our favorite LEGOLAND Florida park food options.
There are food options just about everywhere you look in LEGOLAND Florida. Here are some of our favorite LEGOLAND Florida park food options.

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