Leprechaun Paper Bag Craft with Printable Template

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Published Date: 03/04/2022
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Since our superhero paper bag craft was so popular (I seriously can’t believe it was downloaded hundreds of times in just one year), I thought creating one for St. Patricks Day would be fun. Of course, my schedule got super hectic (as it tends to do), and I didn’t have time. I asked my 16-year-old daughter to do it for me. I have to say, she did a phenomenal job on this leprechaun paper bag craft, and I know you guys are going to LOVE it!

When making a paper bag craft, we know that figuring out the shapes and cutting out all the little pieces can be tedious and take WAY too long. So I spent a full day creating a printable template for you so that you can print, cut out the shapes, and use those shapes as a template to cut out the construction paper. Easy peasy! You can save the template pieces for the following year as well!

We love how this leprechaun paper bag turned out and are excited to share it with you. It’s perfect for your home, a classroom, Girl Scout troops, or a religious group. No matter where you decide to use it, have fun with it, and don’t forget to take pictures and tag us on social media @thesupermomlife!

finished leprechaun craft for kids
close up of leprechaun paper bag craft

How to Make a Leprechaun Paper Bag

counter with a paper bag, construction paper, a printable and various supplies

Supplies Needed:

steps to make a leprechaun paper bag
second set of steps to make a leprechaun paper bag
final steps to make a steps to make a leprechaun paper bag

Ready to Put it Together?

  1. Print out your printable leprechaun paper bag template. I like to print ours on card stock to be more stable, but you can also use regular paper. Ensure your printer settings say “actual size” so the template pieces print out correctly.
  2. Cut out each piece on the printable template. There are two pages, so make sure to cut them both! Ensure you cut out the correct number of pieces (for example, you’ll need 4 arms/legs and 2 shoes). A little hack I use is that I fold the construction paper before I start cutting to have all the pieces I need and only have to cut each shape once. Also, since the buckle center can be tricky, you (an adult) can use an X-Acto knife or just draw a black square inside. That might be easier for the smaller kids!
  3. Using your template pieces, cut your shapes out of construction paper. You’ll use green for the clothing, hat, hat bottom, arms, and legs. You’ll use orange for the beard. You’ll use black for the shoes and two belts. You’ll use yellow for the buckles.
  4. Ensure the paper bag is upside down (bottom and in front). I’ll refer to it as the top of the bag going forward.
  5. Using tape on the center backside of the clothing piece, tape the clothing to the bag. You’ll want to ensure that the bottom edge lines up with the bottom of the bag. Tuck the top under the face if necessary. Don’t tape the bottom of the piece to the bag. You’ll be taping the legs there in step 9.
  6. Tape the beard onto your leprechaun paper bag. I line mine up with the top of the bag to be even.
  7. Place a piece of tape at the bottom of the hat and tape that to the top of the bag. It should mostly hang over the top.
  8. Tape the hat bottom at the very top of the bag. It will overlap the beard and hat just a bit.
  9. Tape the arms to each side, to the front, and inside of the bag flap. 
  10. Tape the legs to the bottom, inside the clothing piece between that piece and the bag. This will ensure that if you use the leprechaun paper bag as a puppet, the legs are in front of your arm. 
  11. Now it’s time to accessorize! Tape the hat belt just on top of the hat bottom and the clothing belt to the center of the clothing.
  12. Tape the shoes to the legs. Make sure you have them facing outward.
  13. Secure each buckle to their belt and one on each shoe using a very small piece of tape. 
  14. Stick on the googly eyes. I buy the ones that have the adhesive on the back already. But if you don’t have those handy, you can use tape (or glue)!
  15. Draw a smile under the eyes. 
leprechaun peeking out from behind a wall

Printable Leprechaun Paper Bag Craft Template

It’s easy to download. Just click Printable Leprechaun Paper Bag Template and follow the steps.

If you love this leprechaun paper bag craft, check out our other printables, including our printable leprechaun trap. Have a SUPER time!


This leprechaun paper bag craft is the perfect activity for St. Patrick's Day. We're including a printable template to make it even easier.
This leprechaun paper bag craft is the perfect activity for St. Patrick's Day. We're including a printable template to make it even easier.

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