Navigating Anxiety as a Mom – My First Podcast Interview

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Author: Heather
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Published Date: 07/22/2020
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I’m a HUGE podcast fan. I listen to them as often as I can and I’m always looking for new ones (comment and let me know of your favorites, so I can check them out). As much time as I spend listening to them, I have never thought about what it would like to be a guest on one, because, well, what would I say? Would I be interesting enough? Would anyone really listen to me ramble about my life? Come to think of it, they were the same questions I asked when I launched my blog in 2017.

Back in March, I received an email from Samantha Day from the Happy Days Rested Nights Podcast, asking if I would consider being a guest and sharing my story, specifically navigating anxiety as a mom. My first reaction was sheer terror. I’m not even joking. Here was my chance to be a part of something I truly love and I panicked (thanks anxiety brain).

It took me 2 days to reply. I talked about it with my husband and my kids. And we all decided that I had to take this opportunity. I am so passionate about sharing my journey with anxiety and connecting with others and here was the chance to reach a whole new audience of Moms who may be looking for a friend, or someone they can relate to… someone who can help them to feel less alone. So I said yes!

And then I panicked (thanks again, anxiety brain). It was the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. I was trying to navigate this new “distance learning” thing and since my husband’s job search was going to be put on hold indefinitely, I had to make sure we were going to be okay financially. So I flagged the email and promised myself I’d come back to it at a later time.

And I did…. only three and a half months later. We got the ball rolling and last week we recorded my first ever guest spot on a podcast. Of course I had to tell you how it went before sharing the link. Partly because it was way easier than I thought it would be but also because hearing about what was going on in my head the entire time seems way funnier to me now that it’s over.

My husband made plans to take the girls (and the dog) out for an hour or two, so there would be complete silence during the recording. I fell asleep, the night before, way later than I wanted to. Those excited nerves always keep me up. I woke up extra early (of course). I had some breakfast and then set up everything at our dining room table. I bought an external mic specifically for this occasion (I’m obsessed with it by the way). I borrowed my daughters headphones. I promised my cousin that I would dress up and put on makeup and do my hair so that I felt more “professional” but truth is, I was in my pajamas with my hair in a mom bun and not a bit of makeup has touched my face in months, so why start now? But for the sake of my wanting to keep that promise, when you listen, please imagine me sitting in a glamorous office, wearing an expensive suit with flawless hair and makeup.

I turned off every single notification on my computer, shut off my phone, took down the wind chimes and prayed that no one would honk, knock on the door or mow the lawn. I used the bathroom twice (nervous bladder is real) and turned on the fan and lowered the AC because I swear I was sitting in a puddle of sweat at that point. I took my morning CBD capsule and shooed my family out of the door just 5 minutes before I was supposed to meet Sam online to talk about navigating anxiety.

Sam had told me in email that it’s just like having a conversation with a friend.  Still, my nerves were crazy. I had made notes to make sure I didn’t forget to say anything. I read them over a few times and just a minute before our meeting, I logged in.

As soon as Sam explained things and started the conversation, I forgot that she was recording. I also forgot to look at my notes and forgot a lot of what I wanted to say. In fact, when my family called me to see how it went, I told them I didn’t even remember what I said. I just hoped that my mouth didn’t let me down and I didn’t sound too petrified.

I’m so incredibly grateful to Sam for giving me this opportunity to discuss navigating anxiety as a Mom and allowing me to face that fear and overcome it! I can only hope that this is the first of many opportunities.

And now… I’m incredibly excited (and super nervous) to share my first ever guest spot on a podcast with you. I’d be honored if you would listen.

Navigating Anxiety as a Mom

navigating anxiety as a mom, happy days rested nights podcast with samantha day

Please comment below and let me know what you think! If you struggle with anxiety and are interested in learning more about my journey (and reading a couple of guest posts from an expert in the field), you can find everything anxiety related here.

Also, don’t forget to check out Happy Days Rested Nights Podcast for so many relatable topics! Samantha is a Learning Behavior Specialist and Sleep Consultant who partners with families down the path to a rested and happy home. Her passion is finding the path that fits each family individually. You can also find Sam on Instagram @samanthadaysleepconsulting.

Let's talk anxiety. It's not easy to deal with, especially when you have responsibilities. Check out my recent guest spot on the Happy Days Rested Nights podcast.

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  • These crazy times have done NOTHING to ease my anxiety–and I honestly think it is worse for parents than non-parents because of child care issues. I’m sure sharing your story will help empower other parents.

  • Congrats to you! Just listened to a bit and you sound so natural! Anxiety is such an important topic to talk and hearing other people’s experiences really helps!

  • Awesome job with the podcast! You sounded great! I was super nervous the first time I did a live stream on my YouTube channel, haha, I also went to the bathroom a few times, etc.

  • I just got married recently (literally during the COVID season) and people keep on asking about when I’ll have kids. I can only imagine how anxious I’d be as a mom especially during this time. Thank you for doing this!