Preparing for Hurricane Dorian

super dad balancing a hurricane shutter on his hand

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When you live in Florida, preparing for hurricanes becomes second nature. It’s funny because you’d think someone like me, who suffers from anxiety disorder, would be a complete wreck with Hurricane Dorian on its way. But, honestly? I’m the calmest I’ve been in weeks.

So many of my friends and family in Florida have made the decision to travel out of state. I just can’t bring myself to do it. We have everything that we need and we are going to ride it out, right here.

We were lucky enough to have a friend sell us a generator, just in case the power goes out. While we won’t be able to use it to run the air conditioning, we can use it to make sure that the food in the refrigerator doesn’t spoil. And if it gets unbearable with no a.c. like it was for us in 2017 with Hurricane Irma, we can always stay at a local hotel for a couple of nights.

super dad balancing a hurricane shutter on his hand

super dad putting up the hurricane shutters

After hours of waiting in line and going to multiple gas stations that were already out of gas, Super Dad was able to stock up on gas at one station, so we’ll have enough for the generator, if necessary.

As of this morning, they don’t expect the hurricane to make landfall in Florida until late Monday or early Tuesday. We spent all day yesterday preparing anyway. Our rental home is well equipped with hurricane shutters so Super Dad put up the shutters on the house (except for one that I requested he leave open until Monday so we can have some light). We were pleasantly surprised to find that two of the windows have clear shutters so we’ll be able to see what’s going on outside, during the storm. That also means we can share a little video as long as things don’t get too dangerous!

gas containers full for hurricane dorian

empty shelves at publix

hurricane supplies including lots of chips

Yesterday morning, my oldest and I went to Publix and were shocked at the number of empty shelves. While certain empty shelves were a given (water, drinks, canned food, soup), we were surprised at the less obvious choices being completely sold out like:

  • Oreos
  • Cheez-Its
  • Red delicious apples
  • Tropicana “some pulp” orange juice (plenty of “lots of pulp” or “no pulp” though)

The chip aisle was packed, which is interesting because that’s usually what my kids go for first. We were able to stock up on Gatorade, bread (the shelves were packed with Martins Potato Bread), pickles, soup, granola bars, juice, packed fruit, cereal and peanut butter (we actually got the last one).

plenty of water

Luckily, we get water delivered every month from Zephyrhills, so our Monday delivery left us with ten 5-gallon bottles. I purchased every size battery we might need and 2 new flashlights from Amazon. Those were delivered yesterday (yay Prime!).

The girls have their books, puzzles and activities ready. If we lose power, I have a notebook and pen ready to jot down all of my thoughts and a pillow and a blanket handy in case I take advantage of the down time and just nap. All of the laundry is done and put away. We are spending today working on a fun campaign where I get to create an animated food video.

We are ready and I’m confident that we are prepared. In case you aren’t, I found these hurricane preparedness checklists on the Publix website. They list everything you need:

Emergency Supplies Checklist

Nonperishable Foods Checklist

For our neighbors throughout Florida who are in hurricane Dorian’s path, stay safe! We are a strong state and we can weather any storm (literally!). Make sure to follow our Instagram Stories, where I’ll be posting updates as often as possible. I’ll talk to you all soon!

Like many other Floridians, we have decided to shutter up the house and prepare everything that we need for Hurricane Dorian.

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  1. It is nice that you are preparing yourselves with hurricane shutters. My wife and I like the idea of having clear shutters. We will need a professional architect to guide us on home security.

  2. It must be terrifying witnessing the full force of mother nature. I have only ever seen one hurricane and still remember the fear

  3. My heart aches for all of those in the Bahamas. It looks like the US got much luckier this time around. Hurricanes are oh so terrifying.

  4. It is such a shame you are dealing with all of that. Hope everything will ne just fine

  5. Great that you are all prepared! I can imagine myself panickly buying stuff and moving some stuff up when there’s a warning.

  6. Wow such much preparation for what I can only imagine to be a very stressful and worrying time. I hope all is ok xx

  7. Looks like you are making the best of a tough situation. Hope you guys stay safe in the storm!

  8. Prayers for you and your family for safety. Seems like you are prepared for this crazy storm rolling through. Stay safe!

  9. That seems so nerve wracking!! Hope you guys stay safe and glad you are prepared!! So great that you were able to do get a generator!

  10. This is the absolutely craziest storm I have ever experienced! It destroyed the poor Bahamas and just sat on top of them, now it’s moving up the coast, it may finish the Florida coast by Halloween. After the last week, I think we all need a break to destress,

  11. I love your hubby’s enthusiasm while balancing that huge shutter piece on the palm of his hand!
    It is our second nature to be ready for these natural disasters.
    I was at Publix 4 days ago and the water was all gone already.
    The snacks isle was full of stuff. It was basically the liquids, including Gatorade, that were empty-shelved!

  12. Not only are you providing updates for your followers it’s great that you provide what to have on hand for those who are also facing this dangerous storm. Great post!

  13. I’ve been following Dorian. When I saw what it did in the Bahamas, I was so glad I don’t live in Florida. I’m glad you guys are getting prepared and taking it seriously!

  14. It must be pretty crazy to plan for such an event. With a storm of that magnitude bearing down upon you. It’s great you can keep positive even during the storm.

  15. It’s so important to be prepared. Stay safe! I hope the storm passes quickly and lessens in intensity.

  16. I am glad that you guys are prepared and taking the proper precautions to make sure that you can get through this hurricane without any issues. Stay safe!

  17. A scoring weather is something we can’t defeat (even though one leader suggest to send nuclear bomb to Dorian, lol). But anyway, being prepared is only that we can do, and hope that damages are not that worst.

  18. One of my best friend lives in the US and she used to them but I won’t ever be able to live in a place with hurricanes. Stay safe x

  19. We used to live in the Midwest with the tornadoes as a threat through the spring and summer months. I hated it. Stay safe!

  20. I’ve never experienced a hurricane where I live, so it’s crazy to think certain places have hurricane season etc. These are great tips!

  21. Aww, I hope you guys fared well from the hurricane. We’re from a tropical country so typhoons are normal here. We make the same preparations whenever a severe one is going to hit us.

  22. Any hurricane is terrifying, but I hope that you are all safe from upcoming Dorian! It seems that at the very least, you are extremely well-prepared for its arrival.

  23. Will be praying for you and safety! We are in Wilmington and making our preparations as well. Stay safe!

  24. We don’t get any hurricanes here, so I have no idea what you are actually going through. I’m glad you are all prepared and ready for the hurricane. I really hope you’ll stay safe and Dorian won’t do much damage.

  25. Wow! This is really great! There’s a saying that Prevention is better than cure! I will always pray for your safety!

  26. The first photo is very nice. It brought a smile. Looks like you guys are all set. I only hope that the hurricane loses its punch and misses Florida all together. Take care.

  27. I’ve never lived in an area where I would need to prepare for a hurricane but it seems like you guys have it down to a science. Stay safe!

  28. Everyone in our family is staying too, except my DIL who took my grandbabe out of state. 🙂 Stay safe!

  29. Aww stay safe out there. It’s awful hearing about how devastating it has already been to the Bahamas.

  30. It’s good to be prepared for Hurricane Dorian. Stay safe and dry! My prayers will be with you and your family!

  31. I’m so thankful that I don’t live in a hurricane prone area. Thinking of everyone in Hurricane Dorian’s path.

  32. Sounds like you are organized for this! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and preparations as you go through this hurricane.