Our Annual Family Goals – Did We Crush 2020 and What Are Our 2021 Goals?

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Published Date: 12/29/2020
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Every year, we make a list of the ten goals we want to accomplish, to better ourselves. We tell each other what those goals are and try to hold each other accountable.

Last year, we shared these goals on the blog so that we could come back and see how many we accomplished, how many we are still working on and how many we gave up on and why. Yesterday, we went through our 2020 goals to see how we did and couldn’t wait to share it all with you.

2020 was a crazy year. We spent March – December in the house, leaving only to go grocery shopping or to the local park to walk around and get some fresh air. 

Our plans to travel were cancelled. Our events and gatherings were cancelled. But one thing that wasn’t cancelled, was family time. While we quickly learned all of the things that irritated us about each other (and there are a lot), it also forced us to get to know each other on a whole new level and I’m forever grateful for that.


Mom Achieved 4/10

  1. Continue to push myself, even if I feel anxious. YES
  2. Read more for fun. YES
  3. Create a cookbook. NO
  4. Push my photography skills to a new level. NO
  5. Be more present. YES
  6. Exercise at least twice a week. NO
  7. Buy our forever home. NO
  8. Travel more. NO
  9. Save money. YES
  10. Eat healthier. NO

Dad Achieved 5/10

  1. Go on more dates with my wife. NO
  2. Land my ideal job. YES
  3. *CENSORED (will share as soon as it happens). YES
  4. Find our forever home. NO
  5. Get my kids to clean more. NO
  6. Lose 40 lbs. NO
  7. Be healthier. NO
  8. Meet 50 new people. YES
  9. Learn more bible verses. YES
  10. Play more with the kids. YES

Lucia Achieved 3/10

  1. Be happier. NO
  2. Take better care of my dog. YES
  3. Tell my dog she’s pretty everyday for a whole year. YES
  4. Get more sleep. NO
  5. Find some good friends. NO
  6. Stay awake for New Years. NO
  7. Pass Geometry. YES
  8. Go on the Polar Express. NO
  9. Get my learners permit. NO
  10. Get a job. NO

Iyla Achieved 4/10

  1. Read even more. NO
  2. Work on coding. YES
  3. Get better at baseball. YES
  4. Get better at skateboarding. YES
  5. Have bigger feet. YES
  6. Take more showers. NO
  7. Brush my teeth regularly. NO
  8. Keep my room clean. NO
  9. Get through the first year of middle school. NO
  10. Travel to North Carolina or New York. NO

Falynn Achieved 6/10

  1. Get better at basketball. YES
  2. Draw better. YES
  3. Eat healthier. YES
  4. Take a shower more. NO
  5. Remember to brush my teeth. NO
  6. Get better at skateboarding. YES
  7. Keeping my room clean (Mom is forcing this one on me). NO
  8. Spend more time with family. YES (we had no choice)
  9. Play with my dog more. YES
  10. Go to Sea World. NO

We definitely didn’t achieve as much as we wanted to, but I believe that most of it was out of our hands. Dealing with a pandemic, distance learning and figuring out how to pay our bills when campaigns were being cancelled and postponed indefinitely was rough and affected us both physically and emotionally.

Now that this insane year is behind us, we are looking forward to our new set of goals and a new mindset that we can accomplish anything we really put our minds too. Here are our 2021 goals!

Mom’s Goals

  1. Buy a home.
  2. Create a cookbook.
  3. Lose weight.
  4. Exercise more.
  5. Dedicated self-care time.
  6. Go on more road trips.
  7. Declutter and organize the house.
  8. Take a photography course.
  9. Read more.
  10. Spend more time with my kids, outside.

Dad’s Goals

  1. Exercise more.
  2. Lose at least 25 pounds.
  3. Be more organized.
  4. Learn a new hobby.
  5. Buy my wife the house of her dreams.
  6. Grow our business.
  7. Get my mortgage license.
  8. Go on dates or travel with my wife.
  9. Save money.
  10. Reconnect with my family and finish our family tree.

15 Year Old Lucia’s Goals

  1. Save enough money for an iPad.
  2. Get back into volleyball.
  3. Find my art style.
  4. Find a therapist.
  5. Eat more regularly.
  6. Get my learners permit.
  7. Pass all of my freshman year classes.
  8. Stop cutting my hair.
  9. Read more books.
  10. Take better care of myself.

11 Year Old Iyla’s Goals

  1. Get better grades.
  2. Sleep more.
  3. Maintain my friendships.
  4. Pay attention more.
  5. Create a gaming channel.
  6. Save enough money for an iPad.
  7. Eat healthier.
  8. Exercise twice a week.
  9. Be more independent.
  10. Read 20 fiction books.

8 Year Old Falynn’s Goals

  1. Help people.
  2. Share more.
  3. Read more books.
  4. Eat healthier.
  5. Spend more time with my sisters, especially Lucia.
  6. Get better at drawing.
  7. Learn more about science.
  8. Learn more tricks on the trampoline.
  9. Go to Chuck E. Cheese, Club Med or Universal.
  10. Make more friends.

What are your goals this year? Do you believe that they are realistic and achievable? Have you ever written them down and looked back at the end of the year to see what you accomplished? Comment below and let us know.


Our family makes 10 goals each, every year. We are excited to share our goals for 2021!
What a year 2020 has been. We accomplished much less than we planned, but are excited for our 2021 goals.

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  • I love being able to set goals like this. I need to make a list for the new year. This year just wasn’t my year and I don’t think it was much of a year for anyone sadly.

  • It is always good to have goals. I love making lists and I should definitely make one for next year, especially considering the pandemic.

  • It is fun to look back at our goals and see that we achieved at least a few. I usually do not make resolutions but this year i have a lot of plans.

  • These are some fabulous goals. Oh, and I also did not eat healthier. But I don’t think I’d ever make that my goal because I know it will never happen. I love my sweets! And McDonald’s fries.

  • Honestly, I think accomplishing anything this year is a big achievement. We always set family goals, and this year, we had a terrible time with most of them. =/

  • 2020 laughed in the face of most of my goals, but that’s okay. I plan on making 2021 the year that I crush it. You guys should be proud you got any of your goals accomplished after this dumpster fire of a year. Great job, I think!

  • I mean, I think everyone gets a do over on their yearly goals this time around. 2020 was the year of everything going wrong.