Dill Stuffing Recipe for Thanksgiving

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There’s something about a good, homemade stuffing (or dressing as some call it) that makes the whole Thanksgiving meal that much better. I have tried a number of different types of stuffing in my years, but I always found them to be very soggy and while many love it, I’m just not a fan of the mush. Once we had kids and I started wanting to cook entire Thanksgiving feasts by myself, I realized that without the perfect stuffing recipe, my feast was going to be more of a flop. Over the years, I finally perfected the recipe and now, I’m excited to share it with all of you!

First, let me say that this recipe is EASY. So if you aren’t an expert in the kitchen, don’t worry! Usually, I’ll make it the day before Thanksgiving and put it in the fridge. I make double so half can be stuffed inside of the turkey and the other half can be baked and get nice and crisp. This will give your guests two options, as the dressing inside of the turkey can be a little on the soggier side. You may even find that they want to put a little of both on their plate, for variety!

homemade stuffing for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dill Stuffing or Dressing

  • Yield: 8 people 1x


An easy and delicious recipe for stuffing/dressing. This can be used to stuff the turkey or can be made as a separate dish.



  • 1 loaf rye bread (cubed)
  • garlic powder (to taste)
  • 1 cup butter
  • 1 medium onion (chopped)
  • 4 stalks celery (chopped)
  • fresh dill (chopped, stems removed)
  • poultry seasoning (to taste)
  • salt and pepper (to taste)
  • 1 cup chicken broth


  1. Chop one loaf of bread into cubes and place onto a cookie sheet. Sprinkle with garlic powder.
  2. Bake until bread is toasted (approx. 5-10 minutes).
  3. In a large pot, melt butter over medium heat.
  4. Add chopped onions and celery and cook until you reach your desired consistency, stirring occassionally. We prefer to leave a little crunch, but you may prefer them soft.
  5. Add fresh dill, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper.
  6. Stir in bread cubes until evenly coated.
  7. Add chicken broth and mix well.
  8. Refrigerate in a casserole dish so that it's cool when you are ready to stuff the turkey.
  9. To bake in a casserole dish as a side dish, put in the oven for 30-40 minutes at 350°.

  • Category: Side Dish
  • Cuisine: American

dish of thanksgiving stuffing dressing

This dill stuffing is always a hit with our guests (especially our niece). It also goes perfectly with our fresh cranberry orange relish. If you love it, it’s one of those recipes that you can make any time of the year. In fact, we make this dill stuffing at least three times a year as a side dish.  It’s THAT good. I encourage you to make it your own too. Is there another veggie you love? Chop it up and add it in.

What are your go-to recipes for Thanksgiving? Do you make the same thing every year or try to switch it up? Comment below and share! And don’t forget to check out our recipe for fresh cranberry and orange relish!

This dill stuffing can be used to stuff your Thanksgiving turkey or as a side dish, perfect all year round.



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  • Clair
    November 21, 2019

    Oh my! This stuffing not only looks delicious, but sounds so yummy! I never would have thought to add the dill!

  • Amber S Battishill
    November 21, 2019

    This stuffing looks so delicious! I love finding new flavors and variations! Pinning this to use later – thanks!
    Amber S Battishill recently posted DIY Christmas Morning Coffee & Breakfast Gift BasketMy Profile

  • Harmony, Momma To Go
    November 21, 2019

    i bet the rye bread makes it amazing! I love stuffing – although I never eat it because Im veg, I guess you can swap out veggie stock for this…
    Harmony, Momma To Go recently posted Should I use a travel agent to book a cruise?My Profile

    • Heather
      November 21, 2019

      You absolutely can! That’s how I made it when I didn’t eat meat 🙂

  • CJ
    November 21, 2019

    So I am not a stuffing fan but the rest of the fam is and we grow our own dill so they will flip for this recipe! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • joy
    November 18, 2019

    i love stuffing at thanksgiving! do you think you could use cornbread instead of rye? happy thanksgiving.
    joy recently posted 4 Musicals I’d Love to See LiveMy Profile

    • Heather
      November 18, 2019

      I haven’t tried cornbread, so I can’t say either way. If you try it, let me know.

  • Erin
    November 18, 2019

    I love stuffing as well! It’s a total comfort food and can’t wait to dig in next week.

  • Jhentea G
    November 17, 2019

    This looks delihtful and tasty. My kids would love to celebrate thanksviving with this recipe.

  • Catherine
    November 17, 2019

    I love the addition of the dill to this recipe…your stuffing looks and sounds delicious.

  • Yeah Lifestyle
    November 17, 2019

    Oh yum! Not tried dill stuffing before and this sounds like it is so flavourful. This looks like something my kids will enjoy.

  • Kristy Bullard
    November 17, 2019

    This stuffing looks amazing! I’ve never added fresh dill before but it sounds delicious!

  • Kiwi
    November 17, 2019

    I’m extremely excited for thanksgiving! This is going to be an amazing addition to any thanksgiving meal.

  • Romy
    November 17, 2019

    Yum! This sounds like a tasty and refreshing twist on stuffing, I’m def going to add in dill the next time that I make it
    Romy recently posted Philips SatinShave Gives You A Smooth Shave Without IrritationMy Profile

  • Tonya
    November 16, 2019

    I normally use a box stuffing on Thanksgiving (hanging my head). I’d love to try something else this year when hosting Thanksgiving this year.

  • LuciWest
    November 16, 2019

    Great find! I love dill and don’t seem to have enough good recipes that use dill. This sounds delicious!
    LuciWest recently posted Comment on Custer State Park and the Amazing Needles Highway (South Dakota) by Ashley RollinsMy Profile

  • Catalina
    November 16, 2019

    Mu husband loves stuffing for Thanksgiving! I think I will try your recipe this years! It has the flavors he loves!

  • Amanda
    November 16, 2019

    I never thought to add dill to my stuffing. Sounds delicious!
    Amanda recently posted What to Wear to ThanksgivingMy Profile

  • Amber
    November 16, 2019

    The rye bread and dill seem like a nice twist from a classic stuffing! Can’t wait to try this recipe out.

  • Celebrate Woman Today
    November 16, 2019

    I have a few stuffing recipes in my library. But I am so much open to try out more! Thank you, Heather, for a savory dilly stuffing option!

  • Lisa Joy Thompson
    November 16, 2019

    This looks so good! I’ve always been one of those stuffing in the box kind of girls, but maybe it’s time for me to grow up and make a real recipe for stuffing. Will definitely be trying this before Thanksgiving.
    Lisa Joy Thompson recently posted Home Chef Meals: 4 Meals for Just $14.80My Profile

  • Toni
    November 16, 2019

    I love it! So easy to make and so good!
    Toni recently posted Holiday Turkey Hash: the Perfect Turkey Leftovers RecipeMy Profile

  • Rosey
    November 16, 2019

    Ya know, I love stuffing, but the only time I eat it is Thanksgiving. I wonder why that is… I should incorporate it in meals throughout the year.

  • Sherry
    November 16, 2019

    I think I’m drooling over this stuffing. Normally we have my family’s stuffing in the turkey but maybe this year I will do that one and try this one as well. I love dill.

  • Emman Damian
    November 16, 2019

    I want to try your Thanksgiving Dill Stuffing or Dressing recipe. Sounds so delicious! I hope to try it soon. Yummy!
    Emman Damian recently posted Trends Following Health and Wellness Pertaining to Diet and FoodMy Profile

  • Nate
    November 15, 2019

    Even if it’s not Thanksgiving, I love stuffing! Can’t wait to have it in a few weeks!

  • Ashley Rollins
    November 15, 2019

    What a great spin on dressing! Saving this one.

  • Kimberly
    November 15, 2019

    This sounds delicious! Stuffing is my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Matt Taylor
    November 15, 2019

    This stuffing recipe is fantastic! Everyone needs a good stuffing recipe during the holidays. Thanks for sharing!

  • Amy
    November 15, 2019

    I love stuffing so much! It is pretty much the reason why I love Thanksgiving! This recipe looks delicious!

  • Lees
    November 15, 2019

    oh my goodness what a nice and easy recipe to make for thanksgiving! Thank you for this!
    Lees recently posted 5 Actionable Steps to Start BudgetingMy Profile

  • Mom Knows Best
    November 15, 2019

    I hate soggy stuffing. So I need to try your recipe.

    • Heather
      November 15, 2019

      Yes!!! Let me know what you think!

  • Bill Sweeney
    November 15, 2019

    I’d love to have some of this stuffing! I want to make this for Thanksgiving dinner at our family’s house.
    Bill Sweeney recently posted November is the Ideal Time to Think Christmas DecorationsMy Profile

  • Stacie
    November 15, 2019

    That is a nice stuffing! I love the flavors and the texture. It’s not too dry, and it’s not too wet. Perfection.
    Stacie recently posted 2019 Hottest Holiday ToysMy Profile

  • Brianne Tursi Manz
    November 15, 2019

    Dill stuffing sounds good! I would love to try this. Definitely a must-make for Thanksgiving!

  • Liz Cleland
    November 15, 2019

    i’m not a huge fan of stuffing from a box. I love the idea of dill stuffing homemade though!!
    Liz Cleland recently posted With Amwell, See a doctor immediatelyMy Profile

  • Kim Seghers
    November 15, 2019

    That stuffing looks AMAZING! I can’t wait to try it for Thanksgiving. I love that you put dill in this recipe …YUM!

    • Heather
      November 15, 2019

      Dill is something that my Nana used to use often in her recipes, so it always brings me back to my childhood.

      • Subhashish Roy
        November 17, 2019

        Very inviting. I would love to have it as a dish. Am sure as a stuffing too it would make the turkey taste awesome.

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Dill Stuffing Recipe for Thanksgiving


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