Is the LEGOLAND Hotel Worth the Money?

front of the legoland hotel
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Published Date: 02/19/2020
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“Is the LEGOLAND hotel worth the money?” Those are the exact words I googled the day we decided that we were going to take Falynn to LEGOLAND for her 7th birthday. I had already visited the LEGOLAND website and was impressed… but the price… yikes.

I was looking at $1100+ for 2 nights (with tickets to the park) or $840 for 2 nights, without tickets. Definitely not a budget hotel, at least not in our budget. I hesitated. I considered checking out other hotels in the area. I considered talking Falynn out of LEGOLAND all together. But then I started reading what other people had to say about the hotel and I was surprised.

Everything I read all said the same thing… The LEGOLAND hotel makes your entire trip to LEGOLAND that much better. Some even suggested that if you had to choose between the park and the hotel, that you should choose the hotel. I found that one interesting since there were no rides inside the hotel itself. But for someone to say that, it must’ve been a hotel experience they will never forget, right?! I had to see it for myself.

dragon inside of a lego castle

Lego character

Two girls standing outside of the Legoland Hotel

The more I considered the costs, the more I realized that it wasn’t as expensive as I thought. All stays at LEGOLAND Florida hotel include interactive LEGO features throughout the property, a FREE hot breakfast buffet (which is amazing), nightly children’s entertainment and a daily in-room treasure hunt that leads to Lego gift bags. PLUS kids can sign up to visit the Master Model Builders’ Workshop and follow step-by-step instructions to build their own LEGO souvenir (FREE of charge)!

I grabbed a pen and paper and calculated what a 3 day/2 night trip to Disney World would look like. The least expensive Disney resort that fits a family of 5 for 2 nights + tickets to Disney for the five of us for 3 days…


(and that’s the Florida resident price and doesn’t include breakfast every morning)

Suddenly, the LEGOLAND hotel didn’t look so out of budget.

a huge container filled with legos

the back view of the Legoland Hotel in Florida

butterfly made out of legos

fisherman made out of legos

So, I booked it.

So What Did We Think About LEGOLAND Hotel?

I can tell you that it’s probably one of the best experiences we’ve had at a hotel in a while. Here are just some of our favorite things about the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel:

  1. It’s walking distance to LEGOLAND (like in the same parking lot).
  2. The lobby of LEGOLAND hotel features a HUGE tub of LEGOS that the kids can sit in and build, build, build.
  3. The staff is super friendly and are full of fun facts. Want to know how many mini figures are at the front desk? More than 8,000! Ask them just about anything about LEGOs and they can answer!
  4. The elevators are packed with disco lights, music and floors that change colors. It’s a party every time you enter the elevator.
  5. Brick’s Family Restaurant offers a free breakfast buffet for guests and also has an incredible dinner for an additional price (if you are able to book this ahead of time, you can save a ton of money and it’s so worth it!).
  6. The themed rooms are fun overload, with bunk beds, lego models and a daily treasure hunt!
  7. Amenities include Florida’s wild side mini golf, fire pit (perfect for s’mores), a huge heated pool with floating bricks and a boardwalk with an unexpected view of Lake Eloise! There is something for everyone!
  8. Meet a variety of LEGO characters in the lobby!
  9. Master Builder class, where your kids can learn how to create something amazing (and they even get to take it home with them).
  10. A life-sized LEGO castle play area and pirate ship in the lobby.

collage of amenities of LEGOLAND hotel

restaurants and lobby of LEGOLAND hotel Florida

meeting the LEGO characters

After our two night stay at LEGOLAND hotel, I can tell you that this won’t be our last trip to LEGOLAND. In fact, we are already planning another trip after they open the new LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel! LEGOLAND as a whole was so much more than we ever expected and we can’t say enough that if you were on the fence about going, GO!

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  • I would so stay there. It’s cool! I love all the Lego creations. I’m glad you liked it so much.

  • It looks like it’s definitely worth the money if you have kids. LEGOs are one of the greatest toys for encouraging creativity, and LEGOLAND looks like it will get the kids super excited about them.

  • LEGOLAND is absolutely worth the money. Our kids love it. I do, too, actually. I was a LEGO fiend when I was a kid.

  • That is so awesome! I didn’t know there was a specific hotel. I have only been to Legoland in California, and it was years ago. That hotel does look fun, and a must for Lego lovers!

  • As a parent of children who love LEGO, I agree that LEGOLAND is so worth it. It’s such a great place for creative minds to thrive.

  • Is my dream to go to that hotel. Is like every kids dream to go so that’s my inner kid speaking and I want to take my toddler to