Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy During Quarantine Includes Free Printable

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Published Date: 04/03/2020
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I hope that as you’re reading this, you and your family are staying safe, have everything you need and are keeping yourselves busy. If you are a medical worker or an essential employee, I want to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for putting yourself in a situation that is probably scary and that may compromise your own health. You are the real heroes. For the parents that are at home trying to figure out this whole “distance learning” or homeschool, or whatever else you may be calling it, while juggling your everyday chores, work and life, you are doing a great job! And if no one has thanked you yet, thank you!

If you’re still looking for some kids activities to do during quarantine, to keep them entertained, I wanted to share this awesome printable that my friend Amy aka @confessionsofamomster created. She also created the cleaning and organizing calendar that I shared last month. This one gives you ideas for something to do every day with the kids. It will give them something to look forward to!

Kids Activities for Quarantine Free Printable

It’s easy to download. Just click on the image above, or Quarantine for Kids and save to your computer if you want to print it out, or to your phone if you want to save the paper. Best part is, you can work these kids activities for quarantine into your own schedule. You can choose to skip around, or do them in order. It’s totally your choice. I love that it shares a wide variety of activities, such as crafts, cooking, exercise, educational activities and even some cleaning.

Free Activity Kits

Our friends at Worldwide Buddies launched free stay-at-home activity kits inspired by their book, The Book of Cultures, to help families have some meaningful, happy times at home. Feel free to use them, or even share with people you think can benefit from them!
the book of cultures stay at home activity kit

Backyard Camping

Who says you have to leave your backyard to have an adventure. If you love camping, this is a great option for you and your family. I love this idea that Christine shared on her blog. Check out how she successfully pulled off camping in her backyard.

Can’t Go Wrong With Art

Chalk Your Walk

You may have seen the “chalk your walk” trend all over social media recently. Families are spending time making their sidewalks and driveways beautiful by drawing on them with chalk! Best part is that when it rains, it cleans it all up for you!  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Melted Crayon Art

Something we recently did that the girls LOVED was melted crayon art. It’s super easy and best of all, very inexpensive. The whole project cost us around $6.

Paint Pouring

We’ve been wanting to do this for so long, but I have been putting it off because I am afraid of the mess.  After seeing Christine and her girls create beautiful pieces of art through paint pouring, I’m ready to try!

There are so many fun ways to keep the kids busy. And if you run out of options and just need something quick and easy, coloring books and crayons are a quick go-to! How are you keeping busy in your home? Comment below and let us know!

Now that COVID-19 is keeping us all at home, here is a great free printable with lots of activities to keep your kids busy.



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  • After a month in quarantine, I’m looking for things to do, so although I’m not a kid I’ll try some of these

  • Great advice!! I’m thankful that my son is 19 and out on his own. Not sure how I would have handled this, if he was still home. You all are very brave! 🙂

  • Melted Crayon Art and Paint Pouring, makes me excited while also a tad scared lol. I can imagine the beautiful messes and the creative expressions. I guess a plastic on the floor will help. I think the kids will love these ideas tho, so defo worth a try.

  • These are great ideas! I have three kids, and two weeks in, the cabin fever is real. I mean, it’s really real.

  • These are some amazing activity ideas I love them and my nephews are going to be super happy with this.

  • These are great ideas! We have done a couple of them and we have created some sidewalk messages etc. But I love this rainbow kind of image that you have here. I am going to try to do this too.