How to Give Back While Shopping for Everyday Products

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Published Date: 06/29/2020
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I may not be the perfect Mom. I have made a lot of mistakes over the years. There are things that I wish I had done differently. But I am proud to say that from the moment they were born, I have always taught my girls the importance of giving back. Whether it was birthday presents they donated to less fortunate kids or a charity they donated their time or money to, my girls have grown up understanding that we need to help others when we have the resources to do so. And now, giving back is easier than ever, thanks to P&G Good Everyday.

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Now you can give back while you shop for everyday products, thanks to P&G Good Everyday. #sponsored

P&G Good Everyday is a new consumer rewards program that helps turn everyday actions into acts of good for you, your family, the community, and the world. We’ve signed up for P&G Good Everyday for a few reasons.

First, I already buy P&G products on a regular basis. They are products that we need, like Secret, Dawn, Gain Flings, Vicks, Crest, Align, and Ivory (just to name a few). The site offers printable coupons to save money on these essentials. Once I make a purchase, all I have to do is upload a photo of my receipt, and I receive points. Plus, P&G donates on my behalf.

P&G Good Everyday allows you to choose the cause you are most passionate about, including Feeding America, Dawn Saves Wildlife, The United Way, Always #EndPeriodPoverty, and Children’s Safe Drinking Water. We chose COVID-19 Relief: Feeding America. So when I upload our receipts that include P&G products, P&G helps to provide relief to families in need during the pandemic with 25,000 meals. One action = one meal to someone in need.

Finally, by scanning those receipts, you get points. You can use your points to earn rewards for you and your family, from gift cards to places like Dunkin, the App Store, or Best Buy to sweepstakes entries. If you prefer, you can use those same points to donate more significantly.

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How to Sign Up for The New P&G Good Everyday Rewards Program

  • Sign up at P&G Good Everyday, select your favorite cause and earn rewards points for joining.
  • Take action. By scanning a shopping receipt that includes your recent P&G brand purchases or taking an online survey, you earn points, AND P&G will donate to a cause of your choice.
  • Redeem your points for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, experiences, or to personally make a larger donation to a cause you care about.


No matter what action you take on P&G Good Everyday, P&G will donate to your favorite cause, so you can do good for the world while earning rewards for yourself.

Check out P&G Good Everyday! It offers coupons on the brands you love and you can earn rewards AND support the causes you care about by signing up.

P&G Good Everyday is a rewards program that offers coupons, rewards and allows you to turn everyday actions into acts of good for the world. #sponsored

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  • Great tips who like to shop for P&G products. Savings could be great and donations to the places where they’re needed are awesome!

  • I love this! Who wouldn’t want to make a difference by doing the things you’re already doing…like shopping! And doesn’t shopping feel a little better when you know it’s for a good cause!

  • Ethical shopping is definitely the way forward. Reward programs like this are really important.

  • I love this so much. I think it’s so important to do whatever we can to give back. It couldn’t be any easier than this.

  • This is a great rewards program, and I like that it gives back at the same time. I’ll be signing up for this!

    • I think people are becoming more aware of how they spend their paychecks. And thus not spending on companies that don’t take care of their communities or share our values.