Free Valentine’s Day Printables and Ideas

nine free valentine's day free printables and ideas

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Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. It could be all the red, the pink, and the heart decorations. But, I’m sure it’s the insane amount of happiness and love that we feel for at least a month before and every time we walk into a store and see a giant display of roses and chocolate hearts.

While I used to buy store-bought cards every year for my kids, ever since I started my blog in 2017, I found that it was more fun to make Valentine’s Day printables to use and also to share. So my three daughters and I sit down, usually sometime in early January, and brainstorm.

First, what gifts will be most popular with the kids? We usually choose 3-4 of those. Then we come up with keywords that match each gift and the girls figure out something witty to say on Valentine’s Day cards.

If there is going to be any type of art on the Valentine’s Day card, I ask my oldest daughter to draw it and then I put it all together onto a printable sheet and share it with you all of you.

Our Valentine’s Day printables are probably the most popular downloaded printable on our website. This year, we had a record number of downloads — nearly 700% more than last year (and still growing as we speak). I want to personally thank each and every one of you for visiting our family blog, downloading our free printables, and for allowing us to continue to create new things for you and your family to enjoy. It makes us so happy when we see the photos on social media (don’t forget to tag us so we don’t miss it).

Even though our new web design breaks everything down by holiday (shout out to Marc Hyde Creative), I wanted to put all of our Valentine’s Day printables and ideas into one post, for your convenience. Don’t forget to save it, bookmark it, and pin it so you know where to go next year!

Valentine’s Day Printables and Ideas

Valentine’s Day Questionnaire Printable

This adorable, free printable Valentine’s Day questionnaire has a few, hand-drawn pictures for them to color (my 16-year-old drew them, by the way). Then, have them (or you, if they are too little), fill in the blanks, in their own words. This would be a great activity for school too, so teachers, this one is for you to print as well!

pop it valentine cards and mini fidgets

Pop It Valentine’s Day Printable Cards

Fidgets have taken over my home over the last few years. I can’t go to any store without being asked by at least one of my kids if they can get a fidget toy. I know it’s not just my kids, so I figured it would be a great idea to create a cute printable that you can attach to any mini fidget or pop it! I’m excited to present you with our pop it valentine’s idea!

you're a rock star valentine printable on pop rocks

You’re a Rock Star Valentine’s Day Printable

When I think back to my childhood, there are fond memories of specific treats I used to get. Now that I have my own kids, I always get excited when I find those treats because I can buy them and share them with my girls. Do you remember Pop Rocks? They have been my favorite since I can remember and my daughters love them too. So I’m excited to present our you’re a rock star printable!

Love makes the world grow round valentine features seed paper and a card (free printable). Perfect for your kid's classmates.

Love Makes the World Grow Round Valentine’s Day Printable

I’ve been seeing so many people talking about seed paper. Have you seen it yet? You soak it in water and then plant it and eventually, wildflowers will grow! I love the idea so much I knew we had to create a printable. I’m excited to present this love makes the world grow round printable. This is a great gift if you would prefer not to give out candy. I love the idea of giving the kids an activity to do. They can go home and plant them with their family and have a constant reminder of this wonderful gift!

You Spice Up My Life Valentine’s Day Printable

Do you have any Takis lovers in your house?! My 9-year-old daughter loves snacks. When my husband or I take her to the store these days, the first thing she grabs is a bag of Takis. She LOVES them, which is crazy because I can’t do spicy (unless it’s cinnamon). Since we are creating a few printables for Valentine’s Day this year, we decided to make one around her favorite snack (perfect to give to her classmates). You spice up my life is perfect for the little spice lovers in your life!

I love you s'more and s'more every day printable next to s'mores fudge bars

I Love You S’more and S’more Every Day Valentine’s Day Printable

Before we share this adorable s’more and s’more every day printable, let me share how it came about. We were actually brainstorming ideas for Father’s Day and decided on a s’mores theme. It seemed like a good one considering Father’s Day is in the summer and s’mores are one of Super Dad’s favorite treats. So even though it was made for Father’s Day, we thought it was also a great idea for Valentine’s Day as well!

I'm a sucker for you Valentine's Day Idea

I’m a Sucker for You Valentine’s Day Printable

The first time I heard The Jonas Brothers song, Sucker, it was stuck in my head. You can often find me walking around the house, singing it, humming it, or dancing to it. What can I say, it’s catchy! So when we were trying to come up with some ideas for the girls’ Valentine’s gifts for their classmates, “I’m a Sucker for You” was an obvious choice.

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You’re the Balm Valentine’s Day Printable

We have another super fun Valentine idea for your kids! You only need 5 supplies (3-4 of which you probably already have in your home) and I’m even sharing a free printable for you, so it’s even less work! Hurray for convenience! When I asked my 9-year-old what her friends liked, there was one thing that really stood out to me… lip balm! I immediately searched for lip balm in bulk and found a great option on Amazon.

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I Totally Dig You Valentine’s Day Printable Labels

Looking for an easy and fun Valentine for your kids to give to their friends? Having three girls, so far apart in age, holidays like this can get expensive. So, this year, my girls worked together to find the perfect Valentine that’s great for all ages.  What they came up with is absolutely adorable and as perfect for Kindergarten as it is for Middle School. A small container of candy, a shovel spoon, and a little note that says “I totally dig you.”

You’re So Ex-Straw Valentine’s Day Idea

Extra. It’s a word I use on a daily basis when my girls have a meltdown about something that is not as serious as their adolescent minds have them believe. So when we saw these “You’re So Ex-Straw” Valentine’s Day cards from Minted, I knew they were PERFECT! Pair them with these adorable crazy twisty straws and you have the perfect gift for your kid’s classmates.

What do you think of our Valeentin’s Day printables? What do you want to see for next Valentine’s Day? Tell us below!

Don’t forget to check out our Valentine’s Day posts as well. You’ll find some recipes, craft ideas and so much more!


Looking for the perfect printables and ideas for Valentine's Day? I've put together one post filled with our favorite Valentine's ideas.
Looking for the perfect printables and ideas for Valentine's Day? I've put together one post filled with our favorite Valentine's ideas.

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